[Goodman--home movies] Past Year at Kennebunkport

Kennebunkport, Maine
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[Title reference to Last Year at Marienbad, Alain Resnais, 1961] Carved wooden sign, "Kennebunkport: An American Colonial Village." Town line and other sign. LS of house and wooded grounds through foliage. Man plays with jump rope as though it's a snake. Woman wearing silly hat walks behind him reading and book and smoking. Man in nautical attire follows, smoking pipe and cigarette. Women with hat and scarf follows. Woman wearing hat and playing with flowers follows. All four swing and fool around in hammock. Hammock on ground, people wave their legs. CU of each showing teeth. CU of dog's mouth. Double exposure of people in field. CU of reflections in woman's sunglasses. Woman feeding reclining man. Man pulls scarf out of pith helmet. MLS of house on rocky point. Woman wearing flowers in her bra appears between shore rocks. People draped in seaweed walking on beach. Series of double exposures includes couples on beach, house. Children throw sand. Couple sitting on each other's knees. Man grabs buttocks of woman, Tilting down figures on beach. CU man with moustache on his back, woman head. CUs of women's body parts as they lie wearing swimsuits on beach. Woman in swimsuit fondling herself. Man scratches back. Dog digging hole. Legs. CU of faces. Woman sticks tongue out. Edits of woman in sunglasses. Birds on shore fly away. Dog and man in surf. Man in captains hat with toy gun hits overturned garbage drum. Women appear to crawl out of drum, then small girl appears. She and man in nautical dress play with blue plastic boat. Women emerge from boat and line dance on beach. Couple pretends to play ball game with boat paddles. [ball game reference to Blow Up, Antonioni, 1966?] ends with doorway at night.
Prudence Meyer, 2 July 2014, 919 608-0392, prudence.meyer@earthlink.net "The stars are Georgine and Buddy Goodman, Pat and Gus Peterson, Nonnie and Tom Moore and me (girl in red bathing suit)! If there is a tennis scene on the beach, yes, it was inspired by Last Year at Marienbad. The music they always played along with the movie was Frank Sinatra's album Come Dance With Me. Other than that, my parents and these 2 couples (their dearest friends from the art/fashion/architecture world of NYC) always put together funny films. Dad may not appear in the movies since it may be he who is taking them." Nonnie Eilers Moore (1922 – 2009) was a fashion editor at Mademoiselle, Harper's Bazaar and GQ. Thomas LeVal Moore (1921 - 1990) interior and architectural designer Patricia Peterson New York Times fashion editor Gus (Gösta) Peterson (1923 - fashion photographer, http://www.nordstjernan.com/news/people/3205/ August 1963 according to 1989 notes.

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