[Charles B. Hinds—home movies] Reel 98

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1935 – 1936
From Logbook: At the Farmington, Maine Zoo. Carol's first birthday at Hilltop Lodge, Rangeley. Carol, Sis and Charles Jr. Carol and Terry, Cornie, A.W.H., Ethel and W.L.H. playing ball at Hilltop Lodge, Carol and Sis. Carol on wharf at Rangeley. Site of Quoddy Power Plant at Carrying Place, Views from Col. Fleming's house, Col. Fleming, Professor Hormell of Bowdoin College and Ned Raye at workmen's quarters, making tests on Shore, Quoddy Village. Carol at Portland Charles Jr., Sis, Aunty, Carol and A.W.H. At Portland airport as Charles Jr. Leaves For Boston. A.W.H. and Carol at Chadwick Street, Portland Owl in tree on Thomas Street, Portland at Overlook Farm. Larry on back of sled, Mr. Walker, Skilly, Mrs. Skillin, Isabel Sollitt Elizabeth Metcalf and A.W.H. and Overlook A.W.H. and Mrs. Blauvelt off for a walk Sonny with boys and girls, skiing. Floods at Brunswick, Maine West Branch Waterfall near Carmel, N.Y. Hudson River and Bear Mountain bridge, Scenes along the river, crossing Bear Mountain Bridge. Sally Bisbee, A.W.H. and teacher at Sally's school in Pennsylvania. Main house and grounds of school. Cherry trees and A.W.H. at Washington Boy Scouts at Camporee, Deering Oaks. Lue Hardenbrook, Carol, Sis, Edna, A.W.H. at camp, Rangeley. Clara, Car and Bayard, Lue leaving for home. Grounds at 27 Chadwick Street, Portland.

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