[Margaret Cummings Bean--home movies] Reel 33

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circa 1937
'Big reel, pre 1938, ice fishing and cape scenes, other.'
People on a frozen lake. Dogs playing. A man with a fish. Three people outside an ice fishing shack. A man pulling a fish up through a hole in the ice. Men gathered around a fire, behind a brush wind screen. Ice fishing shacks and cars on the lake. Men seated around a fire. A man holds up a fish. A log cabin on the shore. Panning shot of the lake. A house and trees in the snow. Cars driving down a snowy road. Shots of a town. Dogs playing in the snow. A house covered in snow. A man poses next to a deer hanging from a building. A little girl walks up to the deer. A man at a water pump. Two men by the deer. Two women getting into a car. A dead deer in front of a house. Shots of various men. A man sweeping. A house by a pond. A stream. A woman in a fur coat. A man next to a pile of lumber. A pickup truck, pulling a plow. A damaged road. A truck dumping rocks into the hole in the road. A car. [End of Reel]

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