[Bar Harbor Movie Queen]

Bar Harbor, Maine
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circa 1936
Produced with support from the Yomoco(?) Club of the Methodist Church (the young married club). Young woman (Mrs. Percy Sleeper) arrives by boat to Bar Harbor pier. Miss America arrives at same time. The Movie Queen is greeted by town dignitaries. She tours Bar Harbor from business to business and receives gifts from proprietors. There is a short tour of Bar Harbor followed by short drama of kidnapping with local actors playing part of kidnappers.
A man walking in a field. A boat seen approaching from a distance. People gathered on the dock. A boat is tied off at the dock, and people disembark. Shots of people on the dock. A woman stands on a platform with a megaphone. A banner reads: ‘MOVIES TAKEN TO BE-‘. A woman stands behind a camera (possibly Margaret Cram). Shots of the crowd. A crowd of people disembarking a ship. A man gives two woman bouquets. The women get into separate cars. One car is labeled ‘Miss America.’ Various shots of cars, motorcycles and people. A banner: ‘Movie Queen.’ Sign: ‘Sunset Restaurant.’ Shots of the front of the restaurant and people in the restaurant. Sign: ‘Goodrich.’ Storefront with the sign: ‘Antiques.’ Shot of a cat. The movie queen (Mrs. Percy Sleeper) in the antique store. Two girls on the sidewalk. A parade. Close up of men in uniform. People in the parade, including a woman with a camera. A policeman directing traffic. People standing along the dock railing. Men in naval uniform. A ship approaching from the distance. Various shots of the crowd. Shots of boats. The man with bouquets again. Close up of a man holding a dog. People disembarking the ship. Shots of the parade, filmed from a moving vehicle. Dark shot of a band and people dancing. A man speaking into a microphone. Panning shot of tents in a field. A man catching butterflies. A group of men, standing around smoking. A boy with a dog on a leash. Children playing in a fountain. Shot of a sign: ‘for Economical Transportation, Chevrolet.’ A building with the sign: ‘G. ARTHUR LISCOMB.’ Close ups of various people. Shot of a car with advertisements written on it, including: ‘America’s Most Economical Car $495.00’ Shot of storefront. Store owner shows the movie queen one of the cars. People leaving the Clark Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church. Shots of various people on the street. Shots of the church. People on the beach. Shot of the wharf and islands. Shot of a storefront with the sign: ‘BROWN FURNITURE COMPANY.’ Shots of people on the street. Shots through the window of the furniture store. Sign: ‘Millie’s Café.’ The movie queen entering the café. A man with dogs. Sign: ‘F.E. SHERMAN CO.’ Shots through the windows of the store. Sign: ‘FRIGIDAIRE, LYMBURNER ELECTRIC CO., REAL GAS, Pyrofax, FOR GASLESS HOMES.’ Shots through store windows. The movie queen is given a teapot by the store owner. People gather in a field for a dog show. Shot of the dock. A boat named ‘Norma’, a ‘Sight Seeing Boat.’ The movie queen getting on the boat. Sign on a building: ‘HAYES BOAT LANDING.’ Signs in store windows: ‘MACHINE WORK, Chris-Craft, SALES, SERVICE, F.B. HAYES, YACHT BROKER.’ Sign: ‘SIGHT-SEEING, YACHT NORMA.’ Storefront with the sign: ‘TOYS, WILSONS’ VARIETY STORE, GIFTS.’ Shots of toys in the store windows. The movie queen greeting store staff. Sign: ‘BICYCLES FOR SALE OR HIRE “REPAIRING”.’ The movie queen and a man on a bicycle. Shot of a store front. Men moving stacks of wood with a crane. Women sitting on the side of a boat. Men in front of a pile of wood. Sign: ‘CLARK COAL CO., FIRE PLACE WOOD, WE SEASON OUR WOOD UNDER COVER. OFFICE 67 WEST ST.’ The movie queen in front of a store with two men. Sign: ‘H.S. & M., NASON’S CLOTHES.’ Shot of the storefront. Movie queen entering the store. A baseball game. Storefront with the sign: ‘A.U. HATCH, I.G.A STORES.’ Wider shot of the storefront. Store staff and movie queen standing in front of the store. Shot of grocery displays. Two women walking down the street eating lollipops. Sign: ‘Harris’’. Panning shot of Harris’ storefront. Close up of a display for Hood’s Ice Cream. Sign: ‘KIRK’S GARAGE, ACCESSORIES, STORAGE.’ Wider shot of garage. A man sitting in a car. A woman in a car. Various shots of people and cars. A man watering a garden. A fountain. Close ups of people and gardens. Sign: ‘NEIGHBORHOOD DRUGS.’ Shot of the drugstore windows. A man gives the movie queen an ice cream cone. Two men present the movie queen with a manicure set. Sign: ‘5 and 10.’ Shot of store windows and displays. Sign: ‘Testa’s RESTAURANT, PICKWICK ALE.’ Two men hold up fish on a line. A line of men with guns get out of a car. (More men than the car can hold, but the men can be seen getting in on the other side.) A woman, the ringleader, addresses the group of men with guns. The group of men grab a woman and wrap her in a sheet. They bring the kidnapped woman to the ringleader, revealing the wrong girl. They repeat the process with a different woman. They kidnap the movie queen and another girl. They tie the girl to a telephone pole. They drive away, standing on the outside of a car. A boy rides up on a horse. He drags the group of men off the car and fights them. Close ups of the fallen bad guys. The boy helps the movie queen out of the car. [End of Reel]

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