[Hatch, Roswell F.--home movies] Reel A

West Hartford, Connecticut
Antrim, Concord, Hampshire
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1933 – 1935
Creator's notes: 'Hatch-Pratt wedding, Dec. 2, 1933, West Hartford, Conn.; Ed Hatch & Ruth (Billie) Pratt, Peg, Dot, Aunt Bertha, Uncle George Moore, H.B. Pratt, Ed at home (174 Walden St., West Hartford),;Antrim, N.H., Jan. 1934. Ben Pratt, Judy (?), Clara Pratt (?), Coasting, West Hartford; Lois at home with Hatches, Spring 1934; Bicycle parade at pool, August 1934; Bob Waters at Trinity Chapel; Ed back from Germany, 1934; Dick at Antrim, age three weeks, January 1935; Dick at home, leaving for Alabama in USGS Survey truck, Feb. 4, 1935; Harriet Law, Bob Raber and Bobbie; Dick at home, May 1935; Dick in Concord; Concord Church fire, fall 1935.' Donor's notes: 'Watch for the sleigh on Main St. in Antrim, N.H. during the January 1934 scenes.'

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