British Film Institute Collection

British Film Institute Collection
Credit: British Film Institute Collection, Northeast Historic Film. The Sailor's Sacrifice, 1909, filmed in Maine.
film (2900 ft.) : si., b&w ; 35 mm. print.
1909 – 1921

Collection contains three fictional works. American Vitagraph: "The Sailor's Sacrifice" (1909), directed by Lawrence Trimble for the Vitagraph Company at Cape Shore, Maine, starring Florence Turner and Jean, the Vitagraph Dog. The 13-minute romantic drama is about a sailor, his family and dog; the family members attempt to make a living with the dog's help after they discover his ship has been wrecked. Holman Day Company: "Brother of the Bear" (1921) depicts a man's friendship with a bear and his romance with a mill owner's daughter. "My Lady o' the Pines" (1921) is a short drama about an heiress risking the loss of valuable pines, starring Mary Astor for the Holman Day Company. See also Everett Foster Collection.
The British Film Institute, with its National Film Archive, is located in London. "The Sailor's Sacrifice" includes Maine scenes, and was shown at the 1987 Pordenone Silent Film Festival. Vitagraph Company of America was founded circa 1898 in New York City; an innovator in the early film industry, it lost prominence in the 1920s and was sold to Warner Brothers in 1925. Holman Day Productions, producer of two dozen short films and one feature film, was based in Augusta, Maine, in 1920-1921. Holman Day was a newspaper writer and fiction author.
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