Moosehead Historical Society Collection

Moosehead Historical Society Collection
Credit: Julia Crafts Sheridan home movies, Moosehead Historical Society Collection, Northeast Historic Film. Crowd gathered at the U.S. Capitol for the second inaugural address of President Eisenhower, January 21, 1957.
Julia Crafts Sheridan--home movies, 2002-013
25 film reels
1935 – 1967
New York
Washington, DC
Credit: Julia Crafts Sheridan home movies. "Eisenhower inauguration, 1957." 16 mm. film. From the Moosehead Historical Society Collection at Northeast Historic Film, Bucksport, ME. MP4 video, 2:18.
The Moosehead Historical Society Collection contains fifteen reels of amateur 16 mm. film, one reel of amateur 8 mm. film, one reel of amateur Super 8 film, and eight reels of commercial 9.5 mm. Pathex film. Of these, twelve reels of amateur 16 mm. film and one reel of amateur Super 8 film were shot by Julia Crafts Sheridan between 1939 and 1967. Many of the Sheridan home movies were shot in Florida and depict locations including beaches, farms, and parks. Across the collection, events and attractions are recorded, including parades, a beauty pageant, and circuses. Most notably, the collection includes one reel shot at the 1939 New York World's Fair, and two reels documenting the inaugural parade of President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1957.
Julia Crafts Sheridan, 1891-1970, was born in Greenville, Maine, attended Greenville High School and graduated from La Salle Seminary in Auburn, MA. Her family owned and operated the Squaw Mountain Inn, Greenville, which opened in 1916. She married Philip Sheridan at the inn in 1923, and the couple managed it starting in 1924, buying it from her parents in 1940. The Squaw Mountain Inn, a summer hotel, burned in 1968. Julia Sheridan wintered in Sarasota, FL, and died there in 1970. Julia filmed in Greenville and on her travels, including in Washington, DC, on the occasion of Eisenhower’s second presidential inauguration in 1957. She was a member of the Republican party, with connections to Senator Margaret Chase Smith and other Maine representatives. Philip Sheridan, 1896-1992, was born in New York and lived in California for the last 50 years of his life. A hotel manager until 1975, he was a golf pro and helped manage the Squaw Mountain Inn in Greenville, ME, in early years. He died in San Francisco, CA, in 1992. The Moosehead Historical Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and communication of the history of the Moosehead Lake region. Located in Greenville, Maine, the Moosehead Historical Society campus includes the Carriage House archives, the Lumberman's Museum, and the Eveleth-Crafts-Sheridan House, an 1899 Victorian mansion.
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