Maule, Joshua D., Jr. Collection

Maule, Joshua D., Jr. Collection
Credit: Joshua D. Maule, Jr. Collection, Northeast Historic Film. City of San Bruno, California, 50th anniversary parade, 1964.
    73 film reels
    1930 – 1965
    San Bruno, CA
    Redwood Estates, CA
    South Bend, WA
    Yosemite National Park, CA
    Santa Cruz, CA
    New York, NY
    Washington, DC
    Chicago, IL
    California, US
    The Joshua D. Maule, Jr. Collection consists of 70 reels of amateur 16 mm. film, one reel of amateur 8 mm. film, and two reels of commercially-produced 16 mm. film. The amateur films in the collection were shot by Joshua D. Maule, Jr., and occasionally by other members of the Maule family, between 1930 and 1965. The bulk of the collection documents family and community life in San Bruno, California, where Mr. Maule operated Maule's Drugs on San Mateo Avenue. Family travels documented in the films include repeat trips to Yosemite National Park; Redwood Estates, where the Maules owned a cabin; South Bend, Washington, where Mary Maule's parents, the Devers, resided; and Santa Cruz, California. The collection also contains footage of family visits to the 1939-1940 Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco, California.
    Joshua Daniel Maule, Jr. and Mary Jane Dever were married in 1928 in South Bend, Washington. They settled in San Bruno, California, where Joshua, a pharmacist, operated Maule's Drugs, and Mary worked as a bookkeeper. Their five children are Jane, Joshua, Joanne, James, and Judith Maule. Judith Maule resides in Nelson, New Hampshire.
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