Crate, Douglas W. Sr. Legacy Collection

Crate, Douglas W. Sr. Legacy Collection
Credit: Douglas W. Crate, Sr. home movies, Douglas W. Crate, Sr. Legacy Collection, Northeast Historic Film. A Camp Katahdin counselor guides his young swimmers.
[Douglas W. Crate, Sr.--home movies], 1719
film (6,695 ft.) : si., b&w, col. ; 8 mm., 16 mm.
1930 – 1960
Etna, Maine
Baxter State Park, Maine
Credit: Excerpt from Douglas W. Crate, Sr. home movies, Douglas W. Crate, Sr. Legacy Collection, Northeast Historic Film. Camp Katahdin, 1956.
The Douglas W. Crate Collection consists of 50 reels of both 8 mm. and 16 mm. film shot from the 1930s to the 1960s. The collection contains a variety of family movies and camp movies. The family movies capture the Crate family during picnics and barbecues, documenting voluminous snowfalls, sledding, and enjoying the outdoors. Camp Katahdin footage shows counselors and boys getting haircuts, shucking corn, and enjoying summer activities such as swimming, canoeing, playing baseball, volleyball, and other sports. Some reels include explanatory intertitles, such as “Every boy is instructed how to swim” before showing a swimming lesson. Crate took special care in documenting the landscape, capturing views of the New England coast, the mountains, and trips up Mt. Katahdin. Unfortunately, the film appears dark and blurry in many places, taking away from the overall aesthetic.
Camp Katahdin was founded in 1926 and opened in 1928 by Douglas W. Crate, Sr. in Etna, Maine. Crate aimed to provide a challenging experience for boys spending the summer in the outdoors. Many skills were taught at the camp, including athletic fundamentals, leadership, camping, crafts and water sports. The summer season was highlighted with a five to seven day climbing and camping trip at Baxter State Park to the peak of Mt. Katahdin. Camp Katahdin was closed in 1970 upon the death of Douglas W. Crate, Sr. Douglas W. Crate, Sr. was from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where many privileged campers came from. He taught in a private school, and early trips to the camp were used as training films for his football team.
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