Bailey, Solon and Betty Collection

Bailey, Solon and Betty Collection
      1954 – 1966
      Carver, MA
      Dedham, MA
      Gosnold Island, MA
      Milton, MA
      Norwell, MA
      Exeter, NH
      Providence, RI
      The films begin with the wedding of Betty and Solon and continue with records of the children’s birthdays and Christmas times. The Christmas tree, stockings and opening of gifts with grandparents are shown. The films are full of the paraphernalia associated with childhood, model airplanes, pedal cars, pinwheels, paddling pools. James shoots at a red balloon with an air rifle. Specific events include costume parties and a sack race. There are snow scenes and beach scenes and some material has been accidentally double exposed. One scene depicts a cream-colored MGA sports car.
      The films show the life of Betty and Solon and their young children Marguerite and James.
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