Goodall Mills Collection

Goodall Mills Collection
      late 1920s - late 1930s
      Sanford, ME
      Collection contains two promotional industrial films created for the Sanford Mills in Sanford, Maine, as well as two reels of home movies with footage of a company picnic. The collection documents the heyday of the textile industry in southern Maine's York County, home to one of the nation's most successful woolen manufacturers. Titles of the industrial films are: "The Story of Chase Velmo: The Perfected Mohair Velvet" and "The Goodall Summertime: The Story of Warm Weather Profits."
      The Sanford Mills were started in Sanford, Maine by the Goodall Family in 1867. The Sanford Mills and Goodall Worsted Company quickly became one of the largest and most successful textile enterprises in the country, producing a plush, mohair fabric used as upholstery in railroad cars, hotels, and automobiles.
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