Ludlow, Deborah Collection

Ludlow, Deborah Collection
      1937 – 1975
      Brooksville, ME
      Harborside, ME
      Collection contains home movies associated with the Hiram Blake Camp in Harborside, Maine. Footage is primarily family-related including summer vacation activities in Harborside and South Brooksville, weddings, children playing, and domestic animals. The one reel that varies from this theme shows clergymen and youths at an Episcopal church. Collection also contains five reels of commercial films including newsreels, cartoons, and a "M.A.S.H." film. See also Maurice Venno and Lucy Blake Venno Collection.
      The Hiram Blake Camp, at Harborside on Cape Rosier on Penobscot Bay, was founded in 1916 by Hiram and Lucy Blake and is still run as a summer hotel by the family. The children featured swimming are Paul and Anne Venno. Deborah Ludlow is the granddaughter of Lucy Blake Venno.
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