Grandmaison, Dayton Collection

Grandmaison, Dayton Collection
      1918 – 1979
      Aroostook County, ME
      Van Buren, ME
      Collection contains amateur footage of several community functions and activities in the Aroostook County area, including footage of parades, fairgrounds, and various street scenes. There is one instance of erotica, involving a woman undressing in a jungle. Also included are ads and promos used in the Aroostook County Drive-In.
      Dayton Grandmaison was the former proprietor of Dayton's Restaurant in Van Buren, Maine. The restaurant resided in a theater first constructed in 1920, named the Star Theatre. It was regarded as one of finest theaters north of Bangor, and showed both live performances and films until the auditorium was destroyed by fire in 1924. After being renovated it was renamed the Gayety Theatre, and operated until 1983, whereafter it was further renovated to become Dayton's Restaurant.
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