Just Maine Folks Collection

Just Maine Folks Collection
    film (1,059 ft.) : si., b&w ; 16 mm. print.
    Cape Elizabeth, ME
    Collection contains "Just Maine Folks," a short comedy set on a farm produced by the Lubin Manufacturing Company. The film, which is intertitled, shows couples with romantic interests in exterior settings including haying, with animals, outside a farmhouse and at a gate. The print quality is poor and the copy is incomplete.
    According to film historian George Pratt, Barry O'Neil's film production unit sent 31 people to Cape Elizabeth, Maine (near Portland), for fourteen weeks. The Lubin Manufacturing Company was founded by Sigmund Lubin ca. 1896; his interest in lenses and photography led to production of cameras and projectors as well as to filmmaking. By 1912 Lubin was based in Philadelphia, with auxiliary studios and plants throughout the U.S. A fire in June 1914 destroyed many of the company's early negatives and prints. Wikipedia
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