Williams, Zelma Collection

Williams, Zelma Collection
Credit: Zelma Williams Collection, Northeast Historic Film. Two girls home from church, circa 1969.
      film (2560 ft.) : si., col ; Super 8
      video (9:48:50 min.) : so., col. ; VHS
      1968 – 1998
      Union, Maine, USA
      Washington, Maine, USA
      Waldoboro, Maine, USA
      Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA
      Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA
      Yellowstone National Park
      Catskill, New York, USA
      Fort Knox, Bucksport, Maine, USA
      Katahdin Iron Works, Maine, USA
      Sugarloaf Mountain, Sunday River, Maine, USA
      Saint Martin
      Kennebec River, Maine, USA
      Kentucky, USA
      Natural Bridge, Virginia, USA
      The collection consists of the [Cole & Williams -- home movies], 12 reels of Super 8 film, totaling approximately 2560 feet, and 9 VHS tapes, shot by Emma Louise Cole and Zelma Williams, between 1968 and 1998.The films and videos are primarily home movies, including scenes of dogs, birthday parties, Christmas celebrations and family vacations.
      Emma Louise Cole was born in Rockland, Maine in 1923. She moved to Nantucket Island in the 1960s, where she ran the Dolphin Guest House. Louise had four children: Mary Lou, Alice, Millard Jr., and Zelma. Twenty years later, she, husband Millard Sr., and their family would return to Maine, settling in the town of Washington. Louise bought her first camera, a Bell & Howell Super 8, along with a screen and projector, in the late 60s. Home movies were a big part of family life, with screenings a regular event. Louise would often send her equipment to family members, so that they could record events that she was unable to attend. She also used her Super 8 to record the television broadcast of the moon landing. Emma Louise Cole passed away in 2015.

      Zelma Williams, daughter of Emma Louise Cole, was born in 1955. Her home movies record family celebrations and vacations with her husband David and daughter Melanie. The family was also involved with the Eastern Rodeo Association. Zelma's films feature barrel racing and other riding events at the Union Fairgrounds.
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