Ferland Family Collection

      3 reels of 16mm film, about 1,000 ft.
      circa 1935 – 1963
      The Ferland Family Collection includes 4 reels of silent, black and white 16mm amateur/home movies, totaling 2355 feet, including two reels of the 'Mexico Movie Queen'. Also included are two reels of the commercial film 'Six-Gun Rhythm', and 8 other Castle film reels. A Natco Model 3030-1 16mm sound projector was also donated.
      Alfred Ferland, Laurie Ferland's father, was the primary photographer for the collection. The actress who played the "Movie Queen" in Mexico, Maine, was Millicent Mann. She was a friend of Laurie's parents. The "Rescuer/Hero" in the Movie Queen film is William Fisher from Mexico, Maine. Laurie's husband, Bruce Gilbert, donated the film.
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