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37) 0398 cat. 1034-14-WABI-64 Farm and Home Week
Farm and Home Week event including farm product booths and experiments, home products, lawn mowers, fertilizers, an audience listening to a speech, a man receiving a blood test.
29) 0398 cat. 1035-02-WABI-64 Potatoes Week
Dunn speaking on Maine potato industry including workers, potato's image. Also shots of a train pulling into junction with a woman engineer who gets out and presents suited men ...
39) 0398 cat. 1035-09-WABI-64 Birch Interview
Interview of Birch by George Redpath regarding Birch's organizations' plans to visit Aroostook family farms. Similar to or same as Cat. no. 0078-04-WABI-64.
40) 0401 cat. 0080-15-WABI-64 Farm and Home Week at Univ. of Maine
Orono: Scenes from event including a meat cutting demonstration using a side of beef, and cattle in their pens.
41) 0401 cat. 1035-11-WABI-64 Cliff McIntire on Beets
Congressman McIntire speech on sugar beet refinery proposal, which would give Maine one of only three such facilities in nation.
42) 0401 cat. 1035-13-WABI-64 Muskie -- Sugar Beet
Senator Muskie speaking on new sugar refinery that Great Western Sugar Company will build for $17 million. He thanks project planners and says it will provide thousands of new j...
43) 0401 cat. 1036-14-WABI-64 University of Maine
Interview with secretary O. Freeman regarding sugar beet refinery proposed for Maine, and the fact that competition with other states is making process take longer. Same as Cat....
44) 0408 cat. 0077-15-WABI-64 Farm And Home Week
Event including booths with lawnmowers, fertilizer, a chemist, visitors, WABI cameras.
45) 0408 cat. 0078-04-WABI-64 Howard Birch
Interview with Birch by George Redpath regarding Birch's organization and their plans to visit Aroostook County family farms.
30) 0408 cat. 0078-08-WABI-64 Potatoes Week
Mr. Dunn discussion of Maine potato industry including potato farmers, potato's image, a woman engineer pulling a train into junction and presenting men with bags of potatoes.
47) 0408 cat. 0078-09-WABI-64 Governor Reed on Potatoes
Interview with Governor Reed regarding potato industry including its future, merchandising, economics.
48) 0409 cat. 0081-04-WABI-64 O. Freeman
Interview with Secretary O. Freeman regarding sugar beet refinery petitioned for by Maine. Says why he thinks process is taking longer than expected, and that many other states ...
49) 0410 cat. 0082-04-WABI-64 Cliff McIntire on Beets
McIntire discusses selection of Maine for one of three beet refineries to be built in U.S. He displays enthusiasm and gives credit to the University of Maine for initiating the ...
50) 0423 cat. 0090-01-WABI-64 Freeman at UM
Orono: Visit of U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Freeman during Farm and Home Week including speaking with Senator Edmund Muskie, discussing agricultural legislation, and sale of w...
51) 0427 cat. 1040-02-WABI-64 Dolley Interview of Nassar
Interview of Nassar by Jim Dolley regarding Egypt, its landscape, new Aswan dam, the Pyramids, agricultural outlook, culture and fashion.
52) 0428 cat. 0090-03-WABI-64 Dolley-Nassar Interview
Interview of Nassar of Egypt by Mike Dolley including discussion of Egypt and its landscape, the new Aswan Dam, the Pyramids, agriculture, fashion, and culture. Program: 'Live M...
8) 0432 cat. 0091-03-WABI-65 Potato Blossom Festival
Parade including Miss Maine, the Potato Queen, the Maple Queen, Miss Junior Maine, and others.
54) 0550 cat. 0043-05-WABI Black Beauty Potatoes
Tour of potato factory showing process of potato production from harvesting to packaging. Shots of plants, automatic potato digger, people picking potatoes, packing potatoes in ...
55) 0641 B & A Iced Cars
Carl Smith, vice-president of B & A Railroad, describes company's new iced cars with a two and a half-ton capacity for use by potato shippers. Shot of one being loaded with ice.
1) 0683 H.O.M.E.
Dated 14 September 1980. // Standup by Jerry Landay. Intro by Richard Threlkeld. Views of Bucksport area. Blueberry raking. Chet Turner interview. Stanley Grindle regarding seas...
6) 0688.0001 Granite State Sampler, The
One side of disc is still images, the other side is moving images. Includes NHF archival footage of ice harvesting ('Cutting Ice,' 1943). ONSITE REFERENCE ONLY. Jacket notes as ...
1) 0720 cat. 5441-01-WCSH-82 [(Tebbetts?) Home Farm outtakes]
Clif Reynolds wearing cowboy hat stands in front of milking machines. Makes a statement regarding significance of new dairying technology.
4) 0725 4H, A Family Special
Dated October 1987. Ted Greene, a bearded maple syrup maker wearing a flannel shirt, narrates. Kids recite 4H pledge. Sebago Town Hall sign. 4H activities. Christmas tree. Ridin...
10) 0742.PC2 4-H Today
WABI news program: '4-H Today' (approx. 15 min.).
6) 0742.PC6 Agriculture: A Key to Maine's Future
WABI news program: 'Agriculture: A Key to Maine's Future,' dated 4/19/88 (59:56 min).
4) 0747.0001 [Allan Preble Robinson--home movies] Reel 1
Amateur footage. Various aspects of logging operations in the upper Kennebec Valley in the 1930s. Donor's notes: Reel 1 (400 ft.): putting logs in water, woods camp, woods opera...
13) 0747.0002 [Allan Preble Robinson--home movies] Reel 2
Amateur footage. Various aspects of logging operations in the upper Kennebec Valley in the 1930s. Donor's notes: Reel 2 (400 ft.): four-foot wood, log boom, Wyman Lake, two-hors...
6) 0747.0003 [Allan Preble Robinson--home movies] Reel 3
Amateur footage. Donor's notes: Reel 3 (100 ft.): haying, horses, thrashing oats, bailing straw.
7) 0747.0004 [Allan Preble Robinson--home movies] Reel 4
Amateur footage. Donor's notes: Reel 4 (100 ft.): cows, horses at barn, sheep in barn yard, horses in barn yard, winter; unloading horses from truck, horses in yard, summer.
28) 0752.PC60 Warner Pathe News: Volume 8, Number 2
Warner Pathe classroom newsreel series. This Volume/Number contains: 'U.N. Condemns Russia'; 'Adenauer is Reelected'; 'Mirror Carrier Landings'; 'Arctic Ice Cap Adventure'; 'Hum...
9) 0759.0005 [Margaret Cummings Bean--home movies] Reel 5
Cape flowers, ditch digging at Lodge, Cape boats, farm equipment, fields, etc.;A trellis with morning glory flowers. Flower garden. Shot of landscape with mountains in the distance. A tractor cutting a trench for a pipe. Panning shots of lakes and landscap...
8) 0759.0011 [Margaret Cummings Bean--home movies] Reel 11
Garden on front lawn, haying at farm, off to church, closet Janet, Rowdy & Bull, winter yard.;A garden. A girl walking through the garden. A tractor. A man cutting grass with a scythe. A girl driving horse drawn farm equipment. The man with the scythe. A truck piled with...
16) 0759.0016 [Margaret Cummings Bean--home movies] Reel 16
Burning brush, logs in lake, plantings after 1938, horses, Jan in yard, lilacs, steamer, log drive.;(Shaky footage) People walking past parked cars. Bonfires. A boat and logs on the water. People on horseback. Newly planted trees. A girl (Janet) playing outside. Janet and a do...
19) 0759.0030 [Margaret Cummings Bean--home movies] Reel 30
Combine at Greenleaf Place, the (7,8) Sherban Birches.;A man with a dead raccoon. A dog. A man tips his hat to the camera. A truck load of corn. An orchard. A tractor pulling a combine, mowing a field. Close up of a baby. Panning sh...;'Mills, kid, coons, dog, Mike, combine Pinnacle.'
20) 0759.0031 [Margaret Cummings Bean--home movies] Reel 31
Picking peas, ? husking corn or ? cows at Pinnacle, Peter and John Laban at Lodge, sleigh at Cape, snow plow.;A farm field. People outdoors. People husking corn. Dark shots of people outdoors. A boy carrying a bottle. A person on horseback. Men getting into a car. A deer strapped to the...
1) 0760.0001 [Harrie B. Coe--Maine promotional film]
This is a 16mm reduction print. // 1930 date code on film. // Film has twist and edgewave throughout. // Travelogue: Title: 'Limestone from Rockland...' (one or two frames only)...
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