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4) 0001.0001 The Knight of the Pines
Short drama: 'The Knight of the Pines directed by Edgar Jones, photographed by Eugene French, distributed by Arrow Film Corp.' Studio dance hall sequences (Sewall Street) featur...
7) 0003.0001 [Holman Day outtakes]
About 75 scenes, outtakes from several Holman Day Productions. Slates throughout read 'H. Day Prods., Carle/Gandolfi' with various scene and take numbers. Reel is not organized ...
7) 0010.0001 Winter and Auto Trip Around Gaspé Peninsula--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 10
Viewing notes from VHS, February 2012. No slate at head of access copy. Views from train of river in winter, people standing by ice dam. At Greenville, Maine, train station...
1) 0143/0144.0003 [Robert M. Hume, Sr.--home movies.] Reel 4: Snowplow
Box notes: 'Snow Plow. Feb 1934.' NHF cataloguer's notes: February 1934 shots of huge, Caterpillar-like snowplow moving deep snow. Kids on snowshoes.
9) 0146.0001 King of All Fur Bearers (Gordon Silver Black Fox)
Recent version, new titles of King of all Fur Bearers. Title:'King of All Fur Bearers' 'Produced and photographed by Daniel M. Maher' 'Courtesy of Gordon's Silver Black Fox Ranc...
2) 0150.0001 Lucerne, Maine
1. Actuality: Tozier's winter sports party 1928, 1929' with Dupont Pathe 12 stock. Decorated frame shots, Lucerne Hotel, train, fishing. (Dupont Pathe 29 stock). Six or so men p...
4) 0151.0001 King of All Fur Bearers (Gordon Silver Black Fox)
Opening of film shows old Lincoln House hotel on right, then Odd Fellows Hall in center and Methodist Church on left. First shots of foxes taken at Gordon's Silver Black Fox Ran...
8) 0252.0071 [Howard Kane--home movies] Reel 71
NHF notes as follows. Can/reel/box annotations appear in quotes. Reel 71: (175 ft.) 'Caribbean colors, 1936-1937 #1.' Color. Snow in woods. Bon voyage scenes, leaving New York o...
9) 0252.0099 [Howard Kane--home movies] Reel 99
NHF notes as follows. Can/reel/box annotations appear in quotes. Reel 99: (100 ft., dc 1940) 'Blizzard.' Color. Shots of heavy snowfall.
34) 0290.0002 [Frank Nash--home movies] Reel 2
Amateur: Couple with small girl in front of house. Small girl plays in yard, in sleigh, on sidewalks surrounded by snow, in front of long white house. Men saw logs. Box 1A said ...
31) 0290.0012 [Frank Nash--home movies] Reel 12
Amateur: Pan of mountain. Hawk's Nest overlook sign. Aerial shot of train. Pan of mountains. Bridge shot from boat. Other boats. Snowy residential street and trees. Cars. Box #1...
16) 0295.0002 cat. 5310-02-VLLX [Philip Veilleux--home movies]
Children sledding. Snow scene. Building snowman. [1954 date code]
24) 0295.0018-.0025 cat. 5312-01 [Philip Veilleux--home movies]
NHF cataloguer's notes, 12/95, amended 11/2022: .0018: Winter scene, children running through snow, young men sledding [on Essex Street hill?]. Skiing. Toboganning. [1961 date...
29) 0310 cat.1002-18-WABI-59 Local Weather
Bangor: Heavy snowfall has stopped traffic.
25) 0314 cat.1004-09-WABI-59 Jackson Boat Co. Fire
Veazie : Jackson Boat Co. fire including smoke pouring from building, fire fighters on ladders in the snowfall, fire truck.
15) 0316 cat.0010-09-WABI-59 Storm Scenes
Bangor: Heavy snowfall and its impact. Scenes include vehicles having difficulty from slippery road conditions, snowdrifts, and a 'Merry Christmas' sign.
4) 0317 cat.0012-10-WABI-60 Storm
Bangor: Citizens try to dig out from heavy snowfall. Shots of people walking through falling snow, digging out cars, using snow blower, police directing traffic.
18) 0326 cat. 1007-05-WABI-60 Snow Scenes
Bangor: Snowstorm with cars buried or trying to move, people walking down sidewalk.
21) 0334 cat. 0024-14-WABI-62 Sliding
Children sledding and sliding down hill.
20) 0336 cat. 0025-04-WABI-61 Animated Snow Scene
Animated scene of snow falling in valley.
22) 0344 cat. 0027-14-WABI-61 Business District Snowstorm
Bangor: Snowstorm scenes including pedestrians, stuck cars, Ice Capades sign.
9) 0350 cat. 0032-14-WABI-62 Storm
People digging out with shovels and snowblowers, vehicles skidding, pedestrians.
25) 0350 cat. 1012-01-WABI-60 First Snowstorm
Bangor: Snowstorm's effects including car run off road, spinning tires, cars skidding, pedestrians on sidewalks.
34) 0351 cat. 1018-22-WABI-62 Kids Sliding
Kids ski or toboggan down snowy hill.
29) 0351 cat. 1019-11-WABI-62 Winner Snow Sculpture
Orono: University of Maine annual snow sculpture contest including sculptures of a beaver, a squirrel, a puppy, a Maine map, a teacup, and a tower.
45) 0351 cat. 1019-12-WABI-62 UM Snow Sculpture
Orono: University of Maine fraternity brothers work on snow sculptures.
26) 0357 cat. 0049-11-WABI-62 First Snowstorm
Bangor: Snow covering Kenduskeag Stream, construction equipment, roads, shrubs, neighborhoods.
28) 0363 cat. 0044-15-WABI-62 UM Snow Sculpting
Fraternities sculpt a beaver, squirrel, a giant teacup, a giant lobster, a map of Maine, and a tower.
29) 0363 cat. 0045-02-WABI-62 Ice Fishing Hopkins
Fishermen on frozen lake set traps for ice fishing. An airplane sits near them.
32) 0371 cat. 0059-09-WABI-62 Snow Storm
Trees weighted down with sticky snow, various shots. Man moves logs in wheelbarrow. LS of roads.
33) 0371 cat. 0059-10-WABI-62 Snow Storm
Bangor: downtown in a snowstorm. LS of streets with traffic attempting to move, CUs of car wheels spinning, pedestrians, people shoveling, children throwing snowballs, Maine Pub...
32) 0374 cat. 1026-03-WABI-62 Covered Bridge
Scene from covered bridge roof collapse including entrance, crew working, snow flying out a window, LS of bridge from upriver.
33) 0374 cat. 1026-05-WABI-62 Snowstorm
LS, MS, and CU of people digging out of snow with shovels and snowblowers, cars skidding, pedestrians.
19) 0374 cat. 1026-10-WABI-62 Sliding
Sliding hill scenes including kids standing at top then going down, point-of-view shot from photographer sliding down.
36) 0378 cat. 0062-01-WABI-63 Snow Footage
Bangor: Efforts to cope with heavy snowstorm including rescue helicopter dropping people off, people digging out of snow banks, street plowing, traffic.
36) 0378 cat. 1027-05-WABI-63 Snowstorm Accident on Route 95
Accident scene including backed up traffic and police officer, snow building up on a car, damaged car, a wrecker hooking up the car and pulling it away.
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