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1) 0285.0005 24 Hours
Docudrama about a day in the life of the Portland Fire Department based partly on real events. Includes footage of fires being started accidentally and Portland firefighters' re...
17) 0309 cat. 0007-03-WABI-60 Woodman Lumber Fire
A very large fire at a lumber mill. Shots of fire fighters at the fire and extensive damage. Brewer fire fighters. Ref. 300.
13) 0309 cat. 0007-05-WABI Simulated Plane Crash Fire
Bangor ? : Scenes from a simulated plane crash fire as fire fighters try to get it under control. Night. Scenes of planes taxiing on runway. Ref. 300.
14) 0310 cat.1002-19-WABI-59 Belmont Hotel Fire
Fire including fire fighters, hotel, crowd.
5) 0312 cat. 1003-12-WABI-59 Bangor Fire Drill
Bangor: Elementary school fire drill including pan of school, pulling of alarm by fire chief and principal, children evacuating and standing in line.
18) 0313 cat. 0009-06-WABI Pepper Farm Fire
Pepper Farm fire. Shots of crowds, buildings on fire, fire fighters watching.
23) 0313 cat. 0009-08-WABI-60 Milbridge Fire
Milbridge: Shots of two burning houses. One is burned to ground; other is almost gutted. Shots from various angles of burning rubble.
7) 0313 cat. 0009-09-WABI-58 Ellsworth Fire
Ellsworth: A school has burned to ashes. Scenes include children and neighbors helping to save furniture, fire fighters battling blaze, heavy smoke, schoolyard on fire.
25) 0314 cat.1004-08-WABI-59 Jim Adams Fire
Fire including fire fighters entering building basement, interviews by reporters.
25) 0314 cat.1004-09-WABI-59 Jackson Boat Co. Fire
Veazie : Jackson Boat Co. fire including smoke pouring from building, fire fighters on ladders in the snowfall, fire truck.
21) 0315 cat.0010-01-WABI-58 Fire, Snow & Nealley Co. (?)
Bangor: A large fire with many buildings burning. Scenes of different buildings burning, fire fighters crouching on ground, crowds.
7) 0316 cat.0011-05-WABI-58 Fire Prevention
Central Fire Station: A man takes a phone call, stands up and pushes an alarm. A group of fire fighters slide down a pole and climb onto a fire truck. Ambulances and fire trucks...
27) 0316 cat.0011-08-WABI-59 Belmont Hotel Fire
Fire department responding to the Hotel Belmont fire. Shots of crowd, hotel and fire fighters.
14) 0322 cat.0016-05-WABI-60 Frost Farm Fire
Frost Farm on fire. Farm burning, fire fighters with hose, car on fire.
15) 0322 cat.1007-07-WABI-60 Milbridge Fire
Milbridge: Fire that has burned two houses, rubble, water pipes, fire fighters.
16) 0323 cat. 0017-20-WABI-60 Brewer Fire
Brewer : Apartment building fire. Shots of building, fire fighters, spectators. Man in upper window shrugs his shoulders. Rescuing furniture.
17) 0324 cat. 1008-04-WABI-60 Mart Warehouse Fire
Fire including fire fighters using ladder, breathing tanks, crowds watching from hills, interior damage, LS of warehouse.
18) 0333 cat. 0020-08-WABI-61 Belfast Fire
Belfast: Shots of nighttime fire including buildings, fire fighters, rubble.
20) 0333 cat. 1009-02-WABI-61 Belfast Fire
Belfast: Nighttime fire including flames crossing street, buildings, rubble, fire fighters.
20) 0334 cat. 0024-08-WABI-61 Segals Fire
Fire at Segals. Fire fighters and burning building.
32) 0334 cat. 0024-11-WABI-62 Waterville Fire
Waterville: Building on fire, fire fighters, confused dog, spectators.
23) 0335 cat. 0025-02-WABI-61 Old Town Bank Fire
Old Town : Bank fire, fire fighters try to put out fire on top floor. Shots of extension ladder, water pouring from front door, spectators, LS of building and street, smoke. Fir...
10) 0335 cat. 0025-03-WABI-62 All
A fire at All Soul's Church at night. Shots inside the church steeple and front door. Fire fighters inside and out fighting the fire. LS of church.
31) 0335 cat. 1009-01-WABI-61 Segal Fire
Fire at Segal's including smoke, building facade, fire fighters, spectators.
11) 0342 cat. 0031-01-WABI-62 Northern Hotel Fire
Top two stories of hotel are burning. Fire fighters working as spectators watch.
27) 0342 cat. 0031-08-WABI-61 Riverview Fire
Fire fighters clean up rubble from motel fire.
27) 0343 cat. 0030-03-WABI-61 York Street Fire
Second floor house fire on York Street. Fire fighters work and someone throws belongings out the window.
15) 0345 cat. 0031-15-WABI-62 Belfast Fire
Belfast: Fire fighters working as house is consumed.
30) 0345 cat. 0032-07-WABI-61 Fire Prevention Award
Fire fighter equips Fruit Street school children with plastic fire hats and displays 'Junior Fire Marshall -- Fire Prevention Achievement Award.'
30) 0347 cat. 0030-14-WABI-61 New Central Fire
Fire fighters working within the burning New Central building.
23) 0350 cat. 0032-16-WABI-62 Bangor High School Fire
Bangor: Fire fighters searching for possible fire at Bangor High School.
33) 0350 cat. 0032-21-WABI-61 Fire Check at St. Joseph's
Fire control demonstration at St. Joseph's School. Children evacuating school, listening to fire chief outside, fire fighters extinguishing pond and garbage fires.
33) 0351 cat. 0045-26-WABI-62 Northern Hotel Fire
Fire fighters work on hotel fire.
34) 0352 cat. 1019-21-WABI-62 Fire in Hermon
Hermon: House or barn fire including fire fighters working, interview with owner.
35) 0353 cat. 0047-06-WABI-62 Fire on Court Street
Bangor: Fire fighters work as crowd watches.
36) 0353 cat. 1020-09-WABI-62 Fire in Eddington
Eddington: Fire has burned down building, and fire fighters handle smoking debris.
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