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10) 1668.0001 Bucksport: Rich in Heritage, Looking to the Future
"Bucksport: Rich in Heritage, Looking to the Future," a promotional video made by students from Bucksport Middle School. The production describes the history of Bucksport, Mai...;Amateur footage. Bucksport promotional video made by middle school students. Seventeen hours of film were shot originally to be edited into this thrity minute tape.
6) 2716.0344 Family Works - Moments; McDonalds version
Master; Family Works Moments [X through label] McDonalds version; rundown included; Rec. date April 14, 1993;A series of short promotional clips for the Family Works project/programs. Mostly “Quinn: Family Detective”, and “Professor Kid and Her Family Seminar”.
9) 2716.0660 Great Entertainment, That - Bridges
Master The Great Entertainment X5284 Bridges Rec. 4/22/91;Slate: “Carousel Seg: 1 Rec: 4/22/91 Air: 5/19/91 VTR X-5284 Cut: 1 Dir: Hennessey”. Frank Avruch introduces ‘Carousel’ (1956). Eileen Prose narrates comedic clips of Avruch, ho...
30) 2716.0661 Great Entertainment, That - Bridges
The Great Entertainment X3063 Bridges Rec. 8/12/91 Air. 9/91;Slate: “Beloved Infidel Seg: 1 (Open) Rec: 8/12/91 Air: 9/15/91 VTR X-3063 Cut: 1 Dir: Rubin”. Title: “The Great Entertainment with Frank Avruch”. Clips of Frank Avruch introduc...
24) 2716.0662 Great Entertainment, That - White Christmas Bridges
The Great Entertainment X5465 Bridges Lumite Xmas Rec. 12/9/91;Frank Avruch introduces ‘White Christmas’ (1954). Someone burps after the screen goes to black.
12) 2716.0663 Great Entertainment, That - Part 1 of Movie Extra
The Great Entertainment X5780 Pilot movie extra Rec. 6/15/92;Frank Avruch, Marie France Alderman of Visions Magazine, James Verniere of the Boston Herald, and others discuss movies, including ‘Sister Act’ (1992) and ‘Housesitter’ (1992)....
23) 2716.0665 Great Entertainment, That - White Life
The Great Entertainment X5781 White/Life Rec. 11/30/92;Slate: ‘White Christmas One (Open) Rec: 11/30/92 Air: 12/13/92 VTR X-5781 Cut: 1 Dir: Hennessey”. Title: ‘Great Entertainment with Frank Avruch’. Frank Avruch introduces ‘White ...
28) 2716.0666 Great Entertainment, That - Last One
Master The Great Entertainment X5783 Last Rec. 12/7/92;Slate: “Mr Blandings… Seg One (Open) Rec: 12/07/92 Air: 12/27/92 VTR X-5783 Cut: 1 Dri: Hennessey”. Title: ‘Great Entertainment with Frank Avruch’. Frank Avruch introduces a tv ...
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