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4) 0853.0020 [Tapley on Bigelow Mountain]
// Slightly faded. // Item from can 221, labeled 01/07/1975 - 01/15/1975.;Interview in television studio with Lance Tapley on Bigelow Mountain referendum petition drive and upcoming meeting in Portland. Features funky set design with sun pattern on wall.
67) 1140.0042 [Tapley on Bigelow Mountain]
Lance Tapley on Bigelow Mountain referendum effort to preserve area;Interview with Lance Tapley. He talks about getting signatures for a referendum to preserve Mount Bigelow. He discusses plans for gathering signatures at stores in Bangor and go...
6) 1191.1854 [Muskie's Home Movies & Vietnam Comments]
Senator Edmund Muskie chides President Nixon on renewed Vietnam bombing; Muskie films super-8mm movies at Sugarloaf; skiing/skiers;A truck with snow tracks, with the ‘Sugarloaf’ logo on the door. A man (Senator Edmund Muskie) with a camera films through a window. Senator Edmund Muskie speaking into a microp...
4) 1191.1855 [Muskie Skiing Holiday]
Senator Edmund Muskie enjoys skiing holiday at Sugarloaf Mountain, takes photos.;Skiers gathered outside the Sugarloaf ski lodge. Shots of Senator Edmund Muskie. A snow covered cross. Muskie with a camera. A cameraman films Muskie and several other people in...
5) 1191.1857 [Muskie Interviewed on His Absence]
Senator Muskie, on vacation at Sugarloaf Mountain, rebuts Margaret Chase Smith's absenteeism charge in interview.
3) 1191.1864 [Muskie on Sugarloaf Vacation]
Senator Edmund Muskie interviewed at Sugarloaf Mountain, speaks on skiing and politics.
4) 1191.1868 [Muskie Skis]
Senator Edmund Muskie skis around kids while on vacation at Sugarloaf Mountain;Senator Edmund Muskie and others riding in a trail groomer at Sugarloaf. Muskie putting on skis. People on skis with cameras. Muskie and others skiing. [End of Reel]
8) 2716.3969 Chronicle - MSBR/ Katahdin
Aircheck Chronicle Katahdin Wednesday November 20, 1991 MSBR / Katahdin ;[Audio during blank screen.] Title: ‘Chronicle, Main Streets & Back Roads’. Episode about Baxter State Park and Mount Katahdin. History of Percival Baxter and the park, from Ba...;Credits: Produced, Videographed & Edited By: Art Donahue; Directed By: Gregg Kidd; Special Thanks To: Everett Willard; Pilot: Cal Weeks; Historical Film Supplied By: Northeast H...
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