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32) 0832 Mt. Washington Valley
Mt. Chocorua, Saco River, Ellis River, Pinkham Notch, Crawford Notch. Mt. Washington Weather Station, Mt. Washington Hotel, Mt. Washington Valley. White Mountain National Forest...
35) 1213 Ride the Sandy River Railroad
Documentary by Peter Barricelli containing professionally filmed and intertitled overview of the Sandy River and Rangeley Lake Railroad, a two-foot gauge line active from 1879 t...
13) 1349.0001 White Mountains New Hampshire
'The beauty, the fun, the adventure of the White Mountains.' Distributed by New Hampshire Movies. ONSITE REFERENCE ONLY.
5) 1350.0001 Franconia Notch State Park
'The official film of Franconia Notch State Park.' Narrated by Richard Kiley. Distributed by New Hampshire Movies. ONSITE REFERENCE ONLY.
5) 1567.0060 [Mount Washington Summit Construction]
Interview with New Hampshire Parks Department Director Paul Doherty about the state's plans for developing the newly-acquired summit of Mount Washington. Footage of construction...
27) 1861.0027 [Nancy Hohmann--home movies] Reel 27
Title from label on original film reel: 'Dad's Vacation July, 1980.' // On reel with Reels 22-26, 28.;Man splitting wood; shot of wooded lane; man and boy walking down wooded lane; man on horseback; woman and horse; group riding away on horseback; dog, kids and trees; cleaning c...
16) 1911.0001 Exploring the Heights
This footage was compiled as part of a live presentation with accompanying narration given by Charles S. Houston in 2002. A few still images of mountains. A shot of a newspape...
8) 2793.0005 [Laura Cannon--home movies] Reel 5
Box: Cuts Horseneck Leader: LC [Black] Clear;Blurry zoom and pan over a landscape (it gets into focus once the camera is zoomed out). Pan over trees to mountains in the distance. [End of reel]
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