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1) 0715.0045 [Stories From Dodge]
Marshall Dodge gives round-about directions, ending with 'Can't get there from here!'; Galen Turner of Swan's Island identified the man playing the accordion near the end of the...
7) 0921.0007 [Maine Festival, 1977] Tape 7
Unedited. // Original label on videotape box: 'ST007.77: Maine Festival, 1977. Marshall Dodge. A. Highlander. Human jukebox, pottery, Leather and Lather.'
3) 0921.0047 [Maine Festival, 1978] Tape 10
Unedited. // Original label on videotape box: 'Tape 11: Maine Festival, 1978. Marshall Dodge. Intro to Nettie reading her poetry and story.' // Marshall Dodge introduces Nettie ...
12) 0952.0140 [Downeast Smile-In: The Woods]
0952 NHF TAPE #140 and #317
13) 0952.0302 [Shivaree: Kendall Morse & Marshall Dodge]
Program #10. Record date: December 27, 1977. Air date: December 29, 1977. // Humorist Marshall Dodge and folksinger Kendall Morse perform in studio before a live audience.;Sound is muddy & hitchy on this review copy. Kendall Morse sings, including a logging song. The pair does a, "You can't get there from here" skit. Marshall Dodge tells a ...
31) 0952.0307 [In the Kitchen: Marshall Dodge]
Program #3. Record date: November 20, 1979. // Kendall Morse and Marshall Dodge tell humorous stories about hunting, stoves, and mud. // Case notes indicate that this tape is a ...;Sound is muddy on review copy. The theme is predominately hunting. Poaching culture in Washington County, Maine. Marshall Doge tells a version of his "Beginner's Luck" story.
1) 0952.0312 [Downeast Smile-In: Aunt Mehitabel's Funeral and Other Coastal Maine Stories]
Marshall Dodge tells humorous stories primarily concerning sailing, lobstering, and other nautical themes. Portions appear to have been shot on the wreck of either the Hesper or...
9) 0952.0317 [Downeast Smile-In: The Woods]
Marshall Dodge tells humorous stories about mud, hunting tiger, mustard cure, trip to New York City, bear hunting, moose calling, trout fishing with a mink, the dirtiest man in ...
32) 0952 NHF TAPE #140 Aunt Mehitabel's Funeral and Other Coastal Maine Stories
No description available
12) 0994.0001 Cut and Run
Condition refers to tape NOT the original film. Transfer was made from a badly scratched print. // An informal debate between Maine paper companies and timberland owners on one ...
8) 1505.0001 [five Marshall Dodge programs] Smile-In Part 1
Six programs featuring Maine humorist Marshall Dodge: - 'Downeast Smile-In #1' - 'Downeast Smile-In #2' - 'Downeast Smile-In #3' - 'Fresh Breeze Part I' - 'Fresh Breeze Part II'...;Marshall Dodge voiceover; views on the deck of a small fishing vessel while Dodge described going turkey hunting on Hogg Island; Dodge talks of his background for story-telling,...
14) 1524.0001 A Downeast Smile-In
Compilation tape of three titles from the Maine Educational Television series: A Downeast Smile-In. 1) Aunt Mehitabel's Funeral 2) The Woods 3) Mr. Perkins' Privy. Galen Turner ...
13) 1541.0231 [In the Kitchen: Marshall Dodge Raw Video]
Label on tape: 'ARCH-020. In the Kitchen Worktape.' // Raw video used for program #3 of In the Kitchen. // Marshall Dodge tells Kendall Morse humorous stories.
11) 2163.0009 Cut and Run (Sountrack Negative)
B-wind soundtrack negative for Cut and Run.
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