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10) 0284.0072 [Meyer Davis--home movies] Reel 72
Box notes: '1967--Israel--Hilton Hotel--Tel Aviv. Jerusalem--Kennedy Library. Going to Nazareth--Tiberias--Sea of Galilee. Capernian Hills. Entrance to Kibbutz. Planting trees i...
2) 0347 cat. 0030-11-WABI-61 Bill Gagnon in Ashland, Quebec
Gagnon and friends in Ashland taking photos, dusting his Florida license plate. Street scenes.
7) 0357 cat. 1022-04-WABI-62 Mrs. Thibodeau Interview
Interview of winner of trip to World's Fair in Seattle by Dick Bronson including Bronson presenting her with two airline tickets, a check for $250, tickets to events in Seattle ...
4) 0361 cat. 1021-12-WABI-62 Greyhound Terminal Opening
Ribbon cutting for Brountas Travel Bureau including Governor John Reed officiating and shaking hands, the building exterior and a bus.
9) 0362 cat. 0051-17-WABI-62 Greyhound Terminal Opening
Ribbon cutting for new Brountas Travel Bureau including Governor Reed, building and crowd.
6) 0374 cat. 1026-02-WABI-62 Maine Masque Theater
Company players board a bus, wave, and leave.
55) 0378 cat. 1027-02-WABI-63 Interview with IRS Representative Goode
Interview with IRS representative Goode regarding new tax law on travel and gifts, taxpayer identification numbers, getting tax information.
3) 0396 cat. 1029-09-WABI-64 Dr. Elliot -- Trip
Interview with Dr. Elliot regarding his upcoming trip to Venezuela sponsored by the Ford Foundation, that country's higher educational system versus ours.
9) 0432 cat. 1041-09-WABI-65 Travel Agents Arrive in Bangor
Bangor: Travel agents arrive via Northeast Airlines and are greeted by people from Chamber of Commerce.
31) 0439 cat. 1048-18-WABI-66 [Narragansett Spinoff Contest?]
Women sit at bottom of airplane stairway, then board and wave goodbye.
11) 0450 cat. 1058-09-WABI-67 Maine Travel Council School
Meeting including men and military officers.
12) 0450 cat. 1058-13-WABI-67 Sheriff Chandler Lists Safety Musts for Vacationers
Chandler speaks to Telejournal regarding locking their houses, using timers for lights, driving cautiously, keeping valuables in safe while traveling, not carrying cash.
26) 0451 cat. 1059-07-WABI- Cole's Express Offers Carrier Rides
Interview of Cole includes painting of Cole's trucks lined up, discussion of new program allowing people to ride carriers between truck terminals. Rides will be round trip betwe...
14) 0553 cat. 0061-04-WABI-63 Interview with IRS Representative Goode
Goode discusses effects of new tax law on travel, getting tax information, taxpayer's identification numbers.
32) 0806.0001 [John Murphy--home movies] Tape 1
NHF notes, 1991: Tape 1 contents (no clear divisions between 'reels' on the tape): Reel 1A Maine 1941-1953. Reel 1B: J.H. Murphy & Assoc. spring 1957 to December 1958. Reel 1C: ...
40) 0806.0002 [John Murphy--home movies] Tape 2
NHF notes, 1991: Tape 2 contents (no clear divisions between 'reels' on the tape): Reel 2A: Spring 1960 to Fall 1960. Reel 2B: Nov 1960 to Dec 1961. Reel 2C: Winter 1962 to Fall...
17) 0813.0430 [Peaks Island Residents Host International Families]
News story dated 08-10-68.
18) 0813.0559 [Man Talks about Strikes and Riots on Campuses in France]
News story dated 12-17-68.
2) 0813.0561 [Priest talks about Famine in Biafra]
News story dated 12-17-68.
70) 0813.0591 [Priest on Relief Deliveries to Biafra]
News story dated 12-00-68.
93) 0822.0003 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 3
Trip To Pa. 1966 Jody 1965 Pat – Perkowski – 2 boys – Susan – Nancy – El;A man [Walter] drilling a hole in the ice for ice fishing. People launching a toy airplane on the ice. People playing pool. [Susan, Nancy and her first husband Elwin Wooster] A ...;[From Susan Wells] Reel 3 (1966): -Walter and buddies ice fishing -Susan, Nancy and her first husband Elwin Wooster playing pool. Maybe on a campus? -Nancy, El, Susan, Gladys ar...
1) 0822.0011 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 11
Nova Scotia – Tree harvesting 1967 [August] Nova Scotia – Tree Roy Strong – Pipes trip home – camping Gladys, LaFlammes (Corda, Ken, Mauries, [illegible] on beach bag pipe parad...;Panning shot of houses along the shore. Landscape filmed from a roadside overlook. People exiting a house. A woman crossing a bridge. People on the beach. (Antigonish, Nova Scot...;[From Susan Wells] Reel 11 (1967): -Nova Scotia – Gladys and Walter visiting friends or work conference?
19) 0822.0019 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 19
July ’69 don’t know where woods harbor – boats dock Shore from boat Round building Playing basketball – Susan + others Joe Sturbridge Village 1969 Picnic – Gladys, Susan Linda ...;Trees and mountains, filmed from a moving vehicle. Panning shot of a harbor, with boats at anchor. A marina. Sailboats. A motorboat. Houses along the shore. The boats motor and ...;[From Susan Wells] Reel 19 (1969): -Dock on ocean; Bill Beutel (Linda’s husband) in white shirt --Boat on Maine coast -Shooting hoops in backyard with Linda, Bill, Joe Lane and ...
24) 0822.0020 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 20
June 1969 – Sturbridge Village – with Janet, Henry – Jim, Susan, Jill, Susan Jerry, Walter, Gladys.;People watching as others pretend to put their heads in the stocks. People walk into a building with the sign ‘Jeʃʃe (long s) Hitchcock, Shoe and Boot Maker’. People in period d...;[From Susan Wells] Reel 20 (1969): -Visit to Old Sturbridge Village in Mass. With Janet & Hank Steputis and family
25) 0822.0024 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 24
Deep Sea Fishing + Duck Hunting canoeing ; fishing duck hunting – looks like Dennis [illegible] deep sea fishing – Davis Dr. the girls G at some shore camp Nova Scotia S.C.S tri...;A river or lake. A man in a canoe. A man plucking a dead duck. People in a boat. Boxes of fish. Men fishing. Reeling in a shark. People on the boat. A boy holds up a fish. Men a...;[From Susan Wells] Reel 24 -Dennis Erinakis cleaning duck -Ocean fishing with Larry Long (yellow slicker) and his two sons -Pat and Bob Perkowsky (in yellow dress), friends of G...
19) 0822.0030 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 30
Going home on the Blue Nose Trips 1967 – Bluenose – on at Yarmouth – off in Bar Harbor.;A marina. A parking lot. Fishing boats. Houses along the shore. A ferry seen through fog. Cars driving onto the ferry. People on the ferry. Canadian flag. The dock as the ferry ...;Reel 30 (1969): -Bluenose Ferry crossing to Nova Scotia; Gladys on deck
10) 0822.0043 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 43
N.H. NE.F.S, Start Katahdin Driving in car G. @ campsite Girls in convertible Men @ picnic Man digging hole. ;A man digging a hole. People eating at a picnic table by the water. Houses on the shore. Two women in a convertible. Tree leaves. The convertible, lowering the roof. A campsite...;[From Susan Wells] Reel 43 (1965-1968) -Man digging (soil samples?) -Family picnic -Susan and Linda in Linda’s car, then Gladys and Grandma -Gladys near tent (where?)
22) 0822.0044 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 44
Katahdin 1968;A man on a backhoe. Boys shoveling dirt. An airplane taking off. A helicopter landing. A tree lined road filmed from a moving car. Mount Katahdin. Sign: ‘ENTERING BAXTER STATE P...;[From Susan Wells] Reel 44 (1965): -Joe Lane digging -Camping at Katahdin - Susan and Walter climbing Katahdin in August as a father/daughter adventure. I was 12, had never cl...
23) 95-40.0051 Hawaii, Maui--Dassler family--home movies. Reel 51
Hawaii and Maui (1967)
26) 1059.0017 [George E. Whitmore--home movies] Reel 17
Film can/box notes as follows (reel numbers are NHF-assigned). 17. Florida--February 1966.
31) 1059.A2 [George E. Whitmore--home movies] Reel A2
Film can/box notes as follows (reel numbers are NHF-assigned). A2. Geo, Lillian and Greta in Sarasota and AL. Florida
23) 1108.0135 [Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 135
Reel 135: Archie Stewart can notes: 1. Florida January 1960. Mary-ah's motel. 12-13 March. 19-29 Feb, 3-7 March G.G.'s. Perry's. Weikerts. 15 March Snow. 2. Trip to Michigan for...
21) 1108.0138 [Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 138
Reel 138: Archie Stewart can notes: 1. Thanksgiving 1960. 2. Snowstorm. 3. Trip to Elizabeth Anne's. 4. Trip South. 5. Kureck's Eau Gallie. NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 138...
13) 1108.0140 [Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 140
Reel 140: Archie Stewart can notes: 1. End August camp trip and morning glories. Sept Take G.G. to Sterling Forest. 2. Sept work trip to camp. 3. Oct visit Ann Quantico. Autumn ...
15) 1108.0141 [Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 141
Reel 141: Archie Stewart can notes: Christmas 1961 - May 1962. 1. 1961 Xmas Hafer's in Eau Gallie. 3. Visit G.G. in Miami. 4. Return to Cape Canaveral. 5. Col. Glenn's take-off....
4) 1108.0143-.0144 [Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 143-144
Reel 143 & 144: Archie Stewart can notes: 1. Camp November, 1962. 2. Thanksgiving. Mary-ah's. 22 November at 330 Dogwood, Park Forest. 3. Christmas Mary-ah's in Park Forest....
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