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88) 0347 cat. 0030-11-WABI-61 Bill Gagnon in Ashland, Quebec
Gagnon and friends in Ashland taking photos, dusting his Florida license plate. Street scenes.
14) 0357 cat. 1022-04-WABI-62 Mrs. Thibodeau Interview
Interview of winner of trip to World's Fair in Seattle by Dick Bronson including Bronson presenting her with two airline tickets, a check for $250, tickets to events in Seattle ...
4) 0361 cat. 1021-12-WABI-62 Greyhound Terminal Opening
Ribbon cutting for Brountas Travel Bureau including Governor John Reed officiating and shaking hands, the building exterior and a bus.
5) 0362 cat. 0051-17-WABI-62 Greyhound Terminal Opening
Ribbon cutting for new Brountas Travel Bureau including Governor Reed, building and crowd.
22) 0374 cat. 1026-02-WABI-62 Maine Masque Theater
Company players board a bus, wave, and leave.
6) 0378 cat. 1027-02-WABI-63 Interview with IRS Representative Goode
Interview with IRS representative Goode regarding new tax law on travel and gifts, taxpayer identification numbers, getting tax information.
20) 0396 cat. 1029-09-WABI-64 Dr. Elliot -- Trip
Interview with Dr. Elliot regarding his upcoming trip to Venezuela sponsored by the Ford Foundation, that country's higher educational system versus ours.
30) 0432 cat. 1041-09-WABI-65 Travel Agents Arrive in Bangor
Bangor: Travel agents arrive via Northeast Airlines and are greeted by people from Chamber of Commerce.
28) 0439 cat. 1048-18-WABI-66 [Narragansett Spinoff Contest?]
Women sit at bottom of airplane stairway, then board and wave goodbye.
5) 0450 cat. 1058-09-WABI-67 Maine Travel Council School
Meeting including men and military officers.
9) 0450 cat. 1058-13-WABI-67 Sheriff Chandler Lists Safety Musts for Vacationers
Chandler speaks to Telejournal regarding locking their houses, using timers for lights, driving cautiously, keeping valuables in safe while traveling, not carrying cash.
27) 0451 cat. 1059-07-WABI- Cole's Express Offers Carrier Rides
Interview of Cole includes painting of Cole's trucks lined up, discussion of new program allowing people to ride carriers between truck terminals. Rides will be round trip betwe...
13) 0553 cat. 0061-04-WABI-63 Interview with IRS Representative Goode
Goode discusses effects of new tax law on travel, getting tax information, taxpayer's identification numbers.
14) 1191 cat. 1096-01-WABI-68 DED Promotes Travel Council at Holiday Inn in Augusta
No description available
15) 1191 cat. 1096-02-WABI-68 McKay Outlines Vacation Travel Council Program
No description available
16) 1191 cat. 1097-14-WABI-68 U-M Agricultural Team Embarks to Brazil
No description available
1) 18631 Hathaway Deplores Travel Tax Proposal
No description available
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