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1) 0916 Aroostook County, 1920s
NHF edited version of Presque Isle films from Michael Bernard Collection/acc. 0916. 'Edit master' made 12/31/94. With sound track compiled by Danny Patt, recorded by Clayton Smith.
30) 0916.0001 [Presque Isle scenes, ca.1920] (NHF Reel 1)
Aroostook County footage. General description: One shows downtown Presque Isle on the town's centennial in 1920, and includes shots of businesses on Main Street such as the Oper...
3) 0916.0002 [1928 Fair, Governor Brewster] (NHF Reel 2)
Aroostook County footage. NHF cataloguer's notes as follows. Intertitles in quotes. Reel 2: [label: '1928 Fair, Governor Brewster,' approx. 430 ft.] Title: 'Northern Maine Fair,...
8) 1285.0001 Aroostook County, 1920s
NHF edit of Michael Bernard Collection footage in preparation for making final version of 'Aroostook County, 1920s' video. Has time codes. The Michael Bernard Collection/acc.091...
9) 1285.0002 Aroostook County, 1920s DISTRIBUTION MASTER
DISTRIBUTION MASTER. // For distribution duplication only.
3) 1578.0001 [1920 Fair]
NITRATE // NFPF grant allowed for film transfer to beta, 3/4' and VHS. Transfer is a little slow. Compared to film 'Aroostook County 1920s'- Acc 0916. Confident that there is no...
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