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9) 0252.0018 [Howard Kane--home movies] Reels 18
Reel 18: (300 ft.) 'Machias 1929-1930.' 'Machias Fair, Ford (Jim) and sulkey race (Conrad Meserve, Harley Henry).' Season change. Man with dog walks by piles of logs. Waterfront...
12) 0293 [unidentified--home movies]
Amateur film including someone pushing person wearing clown suit into swimming pool as teenage girls watch, MCU of teenage girls at poolside in 1960s bathing suits, boys splashi...
4) 0316 cat.0010-10-WABI Auto Rest Park
Fair or carnival. Scenes include parents watching children ride merry-go-round, people at food stands.
21) 0321 cat. 0014-04-WABI Frontier Week
Frontier Week Celebration. Parade, fair, officials at lunch, Calais gun and rod club. Also a baseball game in which Ted Williams participates.
5) 0325 cat. 1008-13-WABI-60 Maine Exposition at Portland
Portland: Governor John Reed's visit to expo including his arrival, shaking hands, looking at lobster replica, Smokey the Bear mannequin, speaking with young woman wearing crown...
21) 0335 cat. 0025-05-WABI-61 Racing at Bangor Fair
Horse and buggy race including an accident.
7) 0343 cat. 0029-06-WABI-61 152nd Fairground
Troops at 152nd Fairgrounds Bivouac Headquarters prepare food for fair.
8) 0350 cat. 0033-12-WABI-60 Governor Day at Fair
Fair including 'Welcome Governor' sign, Governors Reed and Day, rides, performers.
33) 0357 cat. 0048-25-WABI-62 Studio City Contest Winner
Bangor: Mrs. George Thibodeau is interviewed by Dick Bronson after she wins the WABI Seattle World's Fair Trip Contest.
10) 0357 cat. 1022-01-WABI-62 Mr. and Mrs. George Thibodeau
Milo: Winners of trip to Seattle for World's Fair, including couple and others in front of town hall, receiving a prize, shaking hands, and posing.
14) 0357 cat. 1022-04-WABI-62 Mrs. Thibodeau Interview
Interview of winner of trip to World's Fair in Seattle by Dick Bronson including Bronson presenting her with two airline tickets, a check for $250, tickets to events in Seattle ...
12) 0358 cat. 1022-07-WABI-62 Mr. and Mrs. Thibodeau Return
Brownville couple's return from Seattle World's Fair including deboarding plane, shaking hands, going over literature.
13) 0382 cat. 0072-02-WABI-63 Bass Fair Ground
Bangor: Horses are hooked to buggies and sent running around a track.
14) 0384 cat. 0072-17-WABI-63 Bangor Fair
Bangor: Fair including a ceremony on board a ship, and a livestock contest.
15) 0388 cat. 0064-21-WABI-63 Bangor Fair
Bangor: Fair including a woman playing with a dog, a man on the highwire, and two men pulled by horses.
16) 0388 cat. 0064-22-WABI-63 Preparation for Bangor Fair
Preparation including trailers, people standing around with sheep, workers putting up booths and tents, rides.
17) 0389 cat. 0065-14-WABI-63 Maine Exposition in Massachusetts
Eastern States Exposition including building exterior, rides, exhibits, Maine Vacationland booth, Maine Poultry Queen, and the Maine Sea Goddess.
25) 0398 cat. 0077-12-WABI-64 Science Fair-Millinocket
High school fair with students standing in front of projects.
19) 0400 cat. 0082-07-WABI-64 Bangor High School World's Fair Trip
Students boarding bus and waving goodbye on way to New York World's Fair.
20) 0403 cat. 0087-03-WABI-64 Bangor Fair
Bangor: Fair preparation including crews assembling rollercoaster and other rides, a woman with a snake, a box of snakes, and the fairgrounds.
21) 0403 cat. 0087-08-WABI-64 Bangor Fair
Fair scenes including XLS of parking lot and rides, people talking, a man painting a sign that says 'Ride for life around the wall of Death.'
23) 0404 cat. 0087-14-WABI-64 Bangor Fair
Bangor: Fair scenes including men painting, wiping, and working on Chevy Show-sponsored 'Wall of Death.' Also car with tow behind it.
23) 0405 cat. 0089-15-WABI-64 Governor Reed at Exposition in Massachusetts
Time capsule ceremony at the Eastern States Exposition, Springfield, Mass. including Expo building exterior, crowd, Reed receiving a plaque, burying the time capsule.
25) 0431 cat. 0039-11-WABI-61 Bangor Fair Fat Lambs
Bangor: People posing with their favorite fat lambs for a Bangor Fair event.
25) 0432 cat. 1045-04-WABI-65 Pittsfield Kiwanis Fair
Pittsfield: Fair and parade including marchers, horseback riders, children, parents.
26) 0432 cat. 1046-08-WABI-65 Preparations for Bangor Fair
Bangor: Bass Park. LS and MS of carnival rides being assembled for fair, pans of the fairgrounds. Ref. NDFR.
27) 0439 cat. 1048-05-WABI-66 Bangor State Fair Officially Opens
Bangor: State Fair at Auditorium including ribbon cutting, Anah Temple Shriners, fair flag blowing in wind, fair rides in background.
17) 0439 cat. 1048-22-WABI-66 Rockland Festival
Rockland: Festival scenes including man dressed as pirate standing in a toy submarine and waving his sword, then young woman standing in submarine as pirate rows up to her in sm...
29) 0450 cat.1055-15-WABI-67 Telejournal Looks at Expo '67 -- Part 1
Montreal: World's Fair scenes including reporters arriving in Montreal, 'Man and His World' exhibit as seen from moving vehicle, a ship, various international exhibits, a monora...
6) 0450 cat.1057-11-WABI-67 Telejournal Looks at Expo '67 -- Part 2
Montreal: World's Fair scenes including dome, monorail, long escalator, reporters on hovercraft ride, a bicycle rickshaw, and international attractions.
34) 0452 cat. 1060-04-WABI-67 Waldo County Arts & Crafts Festival
Arts and Crafts show. Pictures on walls with small cards explaining each picture, pottery hanging on adjacent wall and table in front. Shot of jewelry case, photo exhibit. Shot ...
10) 0452 cat. 1060-07-WABI-67 Yarmouth Clam Festival
Carnival and clambake sign on highway. Cars driving down road. North Yarmouth Academy sign with carnival in background. Shots of carnival; Celeste T Ernst: Woodcarver from Yarmo...
11) 0452 cat. 1060-08-WABI-67 Skowhegan State Fair Racing Preview
Ralph Lowe at Skowhegan Racetrack which was founded in 1819, talking with Roy Simons: manager for the Skowhegan State Fair. Discuss changes to fairgrounds in past year, and upco...
34) 0452 cat. 1060-09-WABI-67 Orono-Old Town Kiwanis Auction Preview
Men from story #1060-23-WABI-67 loading, piling and sorting huge pile of donated goods for auction. Shots of goods and men holding up deer head, stuffed fish, books, appliances ...
35) 0452 cat. 1061-04-WABI-67 WABI Fair Exhibit
WABI Information booth at fair with scenes of set-up process going on.
1) 0452 cat. 1061-07-WABI-67 Orono-Old Town Kiwanis Auction
Young boy and woman sitting on stage at Kiwanis auction. Shot of man auctioning chair. Crowd shot with people carrying objects in background. Lawn chair being sold. 'Trash & Tre...
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