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1) 1111-1135 7/5/68-12/31/68 [WABI News Department July 5, 1968 - December 31, 1968]
Approximate dates of uncatalogued reels. Catalog numbers 1111 - 1135. See WABI News Department Film Record: Notebook 1 1964-1969.
2) 1201-1205 12/10/69-12/31/69 [WABI News Department December 12 - 31, 1969]
Approximate dates of uncatalogued reels. Catalog numbers 1201-1205. See WABI News Department Film Record: Notebook 1 1964-1969.
1) 0238.PC1 Maine State Gym Finals, 1967
Footage of the men's and women's gymnastics finals at the University of Maine, Orono.
7) 0240.0001 Maine Goes to the Tangerine Bowl
Documentary on the University of Maine football team playing East Carolina State University at the Tangerine Bowl in Florida. Behind the scenes pre-game practice, visit to home ...
18) 0244.PC1 Women's Final Olympics
Womens sports.
19) 0245.PC1 Maine State Gym Finals, 1966
Footage of the Maine State Gymnastics finals for Men and Women.
3) 0250 Portrait of Harriett Matthews
Educational/cultural work. Running time: 8 min.
2) 0261.0001 ASEE at Maine
ASEE [American Society of Electrical Engineers] convention at Orono. Footage consists mainly of office and various convention shots. However, the film also includes short sequen...
9) 0284.0066 [Meyer Davis--home movies] Reel 66
Box notes: '[Frontier Town?] 1960 Ocean City.' // Dancing Indians, water mill, locomotive, tourists on stage coach, tourist ghost town, children on ponies, log fort.
10) 0284.0067 [Meyer Davis--home movies] Reel 67
Can notes: 'Strasbourg 1965. Sorrento 1965. Marge, etc. Firestones at Newport--Kittrns [sic] when born--reg. 8 mm.' Our Family Thru the Years 65-67. //NHF cataloguer's notes: In...
5) 0284.0068 [Meyer Davis--home movies] Reel 68
Can notes: '1965--Sorrento--E.D. Family, Margie & Family. Tennis. Marge, Lee--Tennis--Sorrento 1967. Dinner Party 101, Perins, Ila, Marge, Kids, Barbecue--Sorrento 1967. Kids at...
4) 0284.0069 [Meyer Davis--home movies] Reel 69
Box notes: '1966--Birthday--Strasbourg--Garry home--children--new baby. Super 8.' NHF cataloguer's notes: Informal gathering and dinner party. Meyer sits at head of table. Sheep...
22) 0284.0070 [Meyer Davis--home movies] Reel 70
Can note: 'Macy Parade '66.' // NHF Cataloguer's Notes: Parade: Smokey the Bear float, also Underdog and Donald Duck. Sign for Tessie O'Shea (?), Charleston High School band. Si...
17) 0284.0071 [Meyer Davis--home movies] Reel 71
Can notes: Summer '67. Kozitsky's; Trot--Garry. Esther; Girl Scouts; Enroute to Maine. CPW--Park Swings. Frug--All Grand--[chk?].' // Swimming in pool with mother and children. ...
16) 0284.0072 [Meyer Davis--home movies] Reel 72
Box notes: '1967--Israel--Hilton Hotel--Tel Aviv. Jerusalem--Kennedy Library. Going to Nazareth--Tiberias--Sea of Galilee. Capernian Hills. Entrance to Kibbutz. Planting trees i...
7) 0284.0073 [Meyer Davis--home movies] Reel 73
Can note: 'Dinner party at home. Barbadoes--the Lords. Sorrento pool. Pam--Pari. Esther and children--Troy, Tina, Kim. Village flea market. Quarry. Barbecue at home.' // NHF cat...
1) 0285.0003 Pemaquid
Date from edge code on film. // Shot as unedited documentary footage, gives a detailed visual and oral account of the archeological site in Pemaquid, Maine where two 1000 year o...
43) 0293 [unidentified--home movies]
19) 0293 [unidentified--home movies]
Amateur. Dated 9-29-1966 on package. Woman bowling, man bowling, shot from front. CU face, CU bowling pins. Elderly couple: man plays fiddle in parlor, woman plays piano. Anothe...
9) 0295.0018-.0025 cat. 5312-01 [Philip Veilleux--home movies]
NHF cataloguer's notes, 12/95, amended 11/2022: .0018: Winter scene, children running through snow, young men sledding [on Essex Street hill?]. Skiing. Toboganning. [1961 date...
21) 0301 cat. 0001-03-WABI Association of Broadcasters
Augusta: Association of Broadcasters meeting at the Augusta House. Various unidentified people give speeches. Ref. 300
21) 0307 cat. 0005-05-WABI John F. Kennedy in Bangor
Bangor: JFK's plane lands at Bangor airport (Dow Field) and he deplanes. Shots of JFK riding with three other men in a convertible in Bangor streets. Crowd cheers.
33) 0307 cat. 0006-01-WABI-62 Governor Reed Campaign
Governor Reed, three years after becoming governor, is running again for office. Five separate campaign commercials of approximately 5 mins. each. 1) Highway Safety ; 2) Educati...
29) 0308 cat. 0007-01-WABI-60 Hume Cronyn
Hume Cronyn is interviewed at the Bangor airport, Northeast Airlines. He is asked about his part in the film 'Sunrise at Campobello.' He comments on Roosevelt, his part. Ref. 300.
3) 0308 cat. 0007-02-WABI-60 Ralph Bellamy
Bangor : Two men at airport. Probably Ralph Bellamy being interviewed by George Gonyar. Ref. 300.
27) 0308 cat. 1002-01-WABI-60 Ralph Bellamy at Northeast Airlines
Interview with actor Ralph Bellamy by George Gonyer regarding theater strike. CUs of actors.
5) 0309 cat. 0007-03-WABI-60 Woodman Lumber Fire
A very large fire at a lumber mill. Shots of fire fighters at the fire and extensive damage. Brewer fire fighters. Ref. 300.
29) 0309 cat. 0007-04-WABI Hounds Playing
Three dogs playing on a lawn and in water, including one of the dogs struggling to reach the dock.
20) 0309 cat. 0007-06-WABI-60 Thunderbirds
Bangor : Airplanes on the ground and Thunderbird jets in formation flying overhead. Air Force demonstration. Airplanes parked on the ground in a row. Ref. 300.
9) 0309 cat. 0007-09-WABI-60 Eastern Trust and Banking Co.
Commercial about the Eastern Trust and Banking Co., and list of branch offices. Probably used with the University of Maine 114th Commencement, which they sponsored live telecast...
10) 0309 cat. 0007-10-WABI-60 Merchants National Bank
Commercial for Merchants National Bank, advantages and locations of various branches. Probably broadcast with University of Maine 114th Commencement. 'Remember, you are always w...
11) 0309 cat. 0007-11-WABI-60 Merrill Trust Co.
Merrill Trust Co., advantages of the banking system. 'The commencement broadcast is a public service provided by Merrill Trust Co.' Probably broadcast with University of Maine 1...
3) 0309 cat.0007-13 Bowl MOR Lanes
Exterior Bowl MOR Lanes, three men shaking hands, man bowls a strike. Ref. 300.
34) 0309 cat. 0008-02-WABI-60 Hampden Roofing
Product promotion: Scenes include demonstration of the strength of the exterior door of a house and CU of trim and siding. Man hangs from door, looks at camera. Two men stand on...
10) 0315 cat.0010-03-WABI-60 Open Bangor Salmon Pool
Bangor: A few men fishing at the Penobscot Salmon club. Scenes include the club sign, men with fishing gear, men rowing and fishing. (neg. of 1007-10-WABI-60)
11) 0316 cat.0010-07-WABI-60 Rice and Miller Dealer Show
Bangor: Eighth Annual Rice and Miller Dealer Show. Shots include pan of displays with show title superimposed. MS of people and displays.
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