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1) 0003.0002 ['All But Forgotten: Holman Francis Day' outtakes]
Footage shot by Everett Foster of the making of 'One on One,' a film that centers around members of a local basketball team. This footage became the opening segment to his film ...
31) 0302 cat. 0002-01-WABI-55 New England Basketball Tournament
Boston : Semi-final round of the New England Tourney at the Boston Garden between the Bangor Rams and Fairfield, CT, first half.
28) 0303 New England Basketball Tourney
Basketball : Second half of the semi-final game of the New England Tourney at the Boston Garden between the Bangor Rams and Fairfield, CT.
32) 0310 cat.0008-04-WABI-59 Basketball : Down East Classic
Basketball game in Bangor Auditorium? Ref. 300.
14) 0310 cat.0008-05-WABI-59 Basketball : Bates College
Lewiston: Basketball, scenes from two different games at Bates College. Back and forth shots following ball. Ref. 300.
17) 0310 cat.0008-06-WABI-59 Basketball : University of Maine vs. Colgate
Basketball, typical shots, including a short fight and shots of the clock.
6) 0310 cat.0008-07-WABI-59 Basketball : Colby vs. Bowdoin
Typical basketball game shots, back and forth on court. Ref. 300.
8) 0310 cat.0008-10-WABI-59 Basketball : University of Maine vs. Colby
Typical shots of a basketball game. Some shots of crowd. Ref. 300.
5) 0313 cat. 0009-04-WABI-59 University of Maine Basketball Players
Orono: University of Maine basketball team practices in the University gym. Scenes include the team shooting foul shots in a head-on MS, interview with the coach, and a pose by ...
25) 0314 cat.1004-07-WABI-59 YMCA Activities
Boys doing exercises including situps, jumping jacks, dribbling and shooting basketballs, snorkeling in a pool, tumbling on mats, jumping on a trampoline, swimming underwater an...
11) 0317 cat.0011-16-WABI-60 Brewer East Maine Champs
Eleven members of the Brewer Witches Eastern Maine Champion Basketball Team are shown in MS executing passes and in CU smiling for the camera.
28) 0322 cat.1007-06-WABI-60 Brewer Basketball Players
Brewer Witches, the Eastern Maine champion basketball team, are shown executing chest passes, posing.
13) 0337 cat. 0020-10-WABI-61 Basketball Players
Shots of Presque Isle, Rockland, Orono, Bucksport, Winslow basketball players.
35) 0345 cat. 0032-03-WABI-61 UM Basketball
UM basketball team shooting drills.
15) 0352 cat. 1019-22-WABI-62 Bangor Basketball
Tournament including game highlights, interview with Rams coach.
16) 0359 cat. 0049-27-WABI-62 Brewer Basketball
Brewer: High School basketball game including warmup drills, highlights, coaches, commentators, crowds.
23) 0362 cat. 0052-10-WABI-62 Boys State at University of Maine
Event including registration, eating in Wells Complex cafeteria, gathering in 'The Pit' as a band plays, a speech, basketball and baseball games, meeting.
21) 0371 cat. 0059-05-WABI-62 Basketball: Bangor vs. Caribou
Highlights from a basketball game between the Bangor Rams and Caribou. Shots include the typical back and forth highlights by each team; MS of cheerleaders, a jump ball, and awa...
19) 0371 cat. 0059-06-WABI-62 Basketball: George Hale and Red Berry
Red Berry, basketball coach of Bangor High School, and George Hale in this sit-down interview. Topics include how the tournament went for them, the fourth quarter the other nigh...
16) 0382 cat. 0071-11-WABI-63 Basketball Banquet
Award presentation.
21) 0385 cat. 0067-12-WABI-63 Grange at Brewer
Brewer : Grange Hall filled with people ready for meeting. Various shots of large room and crowd with a basketball court below.
8) 0389 cat. 0066-04-WABI-63 United Fund
Men tour a building with an indoor basketball court and pool. Probably a result of the United Fund sponsorship of a Brewer Recreation facility.
23) 0391 cat. 0070-01-WABI- Paul Bunyan Basketball
Bunyan with Husson College cheerleaders and highlights of game against Ricker including half-time award presentation.
6) 0391 cat. 0070-02-WABI-63 Orono Basketball
Orono vs. Eagles game.
7) 0391 cat. 0070-03-WABI-63 UM Basketball Players
MS and LS of players lined up and executing free throws. Also George Hale interviewing head coach.
10) 0392.0001 Sports
Stearns Minutemen vs. John Bapst basketball game highlights.
11) 0392 cat. 0070-05-WABI-63 Down East Classic
Highlights of UM vs. Bates College and Bowdoin vs. Colby basketball games including award ceremony.
28) 0392 cat. 0070-06-WABI-63 UM vs. Colby Basketball
Game highlights, coaches, crowd.
34) 0392 cat. 0070-07-WABI-63 Basketball Clinic
Man instructs high school players in passing and lay-ups.
30) 0392 cat. 0070-09-WABI-63 Sports
Possibly UM basketball against unidentified opponent.
31) 0392 cat. 0070-10-WABI-63 Brewer vs. Bapst Basketball
Highlights of Brewer Witches vs. John Bapst High School basketball game.
32) 0399 cat. 0079-01-WABI- New England Basketball Tourney
Boston: Highlights of game between Bangor Rams and a Connecticut team.
21) 0403 cat. 1038-04-WABI-64 Cousy and George Gonyer
Newport: Interview with basketball star Bob Cousy at town's 100th Anniversary celebration regarding his being a coach now instead of a player, his trip behind the Iron Curtain, ...
34) 0412 cat. 0083-12-WABI-64 George Murphy
Scenes of Murphy, an active paraplegic, including his boarding a plane, hitting a punching bag, shooting a basketball, practicing archery, using muscle and chest expanders.
15) 0413 cat. 0085-03-WABI-64 Cousy and George Gonyar
Newport: Basketball star Bob Cousy's visit to city Sesquicentennial including discussion of his switch to coaching, his trip behind the Iron Curtain, Russian vs. American athlet...
16) 0413 cat. 0085-04-WABI-64 Cousy at Newport
Newport: Basketball star Bob Cousy's trip to city including welcome by Governor Barrows and a committee, Cousy speaking at Armory before a game begins, Cousy shooting ball, game...
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