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1) 1111-1135 7/5/68-12/31/68 [WABI News Department July 5, 1968 - December 31, 1968]
Approximate dates of uncatalogued reels. Catalog numbers 1111 - 1135. See WABI News Department Film Record: Notebook 1 1964-1969.
3) 1201-1205 12/10/69-12/31/69 [WABI News Department December 12 - 31, 1969]
Approximate dates of uncatalogued reels. Catalog numbers 1201-1205. See WABI News Department Film Record: Notebook 1 1964-1969.
3) 0300 cat. 1000-01-WABI-48 WPOR, Story of Radio 1948
Documentary on basic functions of a radio station with WPOR as the model.
5) 0301.0001 J. Barnhart, Gadget Master
Man in the studio in a kitchen set demonstrates a Gadget Master food slicer, juicer, garnish maker, trimmer, safety grater and towel. [Probably John Barnhart, who performed his...
5) 0301.0002 Emery Brown Co. Commercial
Waterville: Spring fashions modeled in the studio by two women for the Emery Brown Co., Waterville, featuring blouses for $2.98. Woman's voice-over describes blouses.
6) 0301 cat. 0001-03-WABI Association of Broadcasters
Augusta: Association of Broadcasters meeting at the Augusta House. Various unidentified people give speeches. Ref. 300
26) 0301 cat. 1000-02-WABI-55 Exeter Raceway
Typical day at the Exeter Raceway including shots of several automobile races and crowd. Unedited.
1) 0301 cat. 1000-03-WABI B-52-G Air Force
Air Force bomber shots including taxiing onto runway, midflight shots, refueling, and landing.
3) 0301 cat. 1000-04-WABI-59 Bozo in Lincoln
Bozo performances before an audience of children and mothers, Lincoln Hospital children, and Workman Hospital children. Includes autograph signing.
4) 0301 cat. 1000-05-WABI-59 Sentry Dog at Dow Air Force Base
Dog displays his training.
2) 0302 cat. 0002-01-WABI-55 New England Basketball Tournament
Boston : Semi-final round of the New England Tourney at the Boston Garden between the Bangor Rams and Fairfield, CT, first half.
33) 0302 cat. 1001-09-WABI-54 White Whale
People watching a white whale including whale surfacing and diving several times, and men in a small boat motoring toward it.
3) 0303 New England Basketball Tourney
Basketball : Second half of the semi-final game of the New England Tourney at the Boston Garden between the Bangor Rams and Fairfield, CT.
14) 0304.0001 [Bangor Evacuation Scenes] Operation Alert
June 15, 1955: Footage of a mock evacuation of the city of Bangor shot by the WABI -TV Special Reports Team. WABI news trucks with cameras film a steady line of cars and bus...
6) 0305 Dedication of Army Reserve Center
Dedication of the Army Reserve Training Center, Corps of Engineers, New England Division. Unknown speakers plus shots of head table. Groundbreaking ceremonies.
6) 0306 cat. 0004-02-WABI-57 Governor Edmund S. Muskie Inauguration
Augusta: Edmund Muskie's inaugural speech as governor of Maine includes Maine's natural resources, the farm economies, fish and game, forests and clean water, fair labor laws, c...
7) 0307 cat. 0005-01-WABI-57 Eisenhower Speaks at Dow AFB, Bangor
Bangor: Eisenhower gives a short speech and receives a fly rod as a gift. Shots of Eisenhower, Air Force 1 airplane on the ground and departure. Ref. 300.
18) 0307 cat. 0005-02-WABI-57 Governor Edmund S. Muskie Inauguration
Augusta: Edmund S. Muskie is sworn in as governor of Maine and gives a speech on the future of Maine: the economy, natural resources, fishing industry, etc. Ref. 300.
13) 0307 cat. 0005-03-WABI-54 Bangor-Brewer Bridge
Bangor Brewer : Construction of the Bangor-Brewer Bridge and dedication ceremonies. Includes various speakers, planes overhead flying in formation, crowd shots and a parade acro...
29) 0307 cat. 0005-04-WABI-56 Blue Nose Ferry Launching
Shots of the Blue Nose ferry on her first trip. From the side and from behind as the ship is put into the water after christening.
9) 0307 cat. 0005-05-WABI John F. Kennedy in Bangor
Bangor: JFK's plane lands at Bangor airport (Dow Field) and he deplanes. Shots of JFK riding with three other men in a convertible in Bangor streets. Crowd cheers.
30) 0307 cat. 0005-06-WABI-54 Bangor-Brewer Bridge
Bangor Brewer : Construction and dedication of Bangor Brewer toll bridge. Aerial views, and shots from river of bridge under construction. Ribbon cutting ceremony and parade acr...
13) 0307 cat. 0005-07-WABI Governor Reed Extends Sympathies
Governor Reed extends sympathies to family and friends of late Governor Clinton M. Foss.
24) 0307 cat. 0006-01-WABI-62 Governor Reed Campaign
Governor Reed, three years after becoming governor, is running again for office. Five separate campaign commercials of approximately 5 mins. each. 1) Highway Safety ; 2) Educati...
6) 0307 cat. 1001-01-WABI-56 Blue Nose Ferry
Blue Nose Day including ferry race, an ox-pull, speakers, shots onboard as ferry sails into harbor.
11) 0307 cat. 1001-02-WABI-55 President Dwight Eisenhower at Dow Air Force Base
Eisenhower refueling including landing strip and airplane, Ike talking with two officers.
27) 0307 cat. 1001-03-WABI [Swearing-In Ceremony]
3) 0307 cat.1001-04-WABI-64 Groundbreaking -- Bangor Auditorium
Bangor: Ceremony including men digging and shots of landscape before construction was begun.
10) 0307 cat. 1001-05-WABI-54 Bangor/Brewer Bridge
Bridge construction including girders, shots from shore and below girders, crane, men working.
32) 0307 cat. 1001-06-WABI-54 Barnum and Bailey Circus
New York City: Circus at Madison Square Garden including children riding elephants, a parade through streets. Narrated with music.
25) 0307 cat. 1001-07-WABI-54 WABI Net Power Increase
Engineers' work on power systems including writing in logs and keeping film reels moving. Also shots of transmitters.
9) 0307 cat. 1001-08-WABI-53 First Salmon to Dwight D. Eisenhower
Washington, D.C.: Presentation of year's first salmon by Walter D. to President Eisenhower including the pair in the Oval Office, outside the White House, the Capitol, and other...
33) 0307 cat. 1001-10-WABI-54 Last Steam Locomotive
Bangor: Engine 470 steaming into Bangor train yard including brakeman and engineer checking wheels and adding water to engine.
10) 0308 cat. 0007-01-WABI-60 Hume Cronyn
Hume Cronyn is interviewed at the Bangor airport, Northeast Airlines. He is asked about his part in the film 'Sunrise at Campobello.' He comments on Roosevelt, his part. Ref. 300.
11) 0308 cat. 0007-02-WABI-60 Ralph Bellamy
Bangor : Two men at airport. Probably Ralph Bellamy being interviewed by George Gonyar. Ref. 300.
16) 0308 cat. 1002-01-WABI-60 Ralph Bellamy at Northeast Airlines
Interview with actor Ralph Bellamy by George Gonyer regarding theater strike. CUs of actors.
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