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9) 0247.0001-.0006 Orff-Schulwerk: American Odyssey
'An initial look at Orff-Schulwerk in America; filmed at seventeen schools in seven states. A cinematic and candid study, documenting students at various stages of the learning ...
18) 0285.0003 Pemaquid
Date from edge code on film. // Shot as unedited documentary footage, gives a detailed visual and oral account of the archeological site in Pemaquid, Maine where two 1000 year o...
21) 0290.0013 [Frank Nash--home movies] Reel 13
Amateur: Large group seated on lawn watching performance or presentation. Pan of mountains. Crowd with some in caps and gowns. Graduation? Old car. Coastal house. Sandy beach an...
31) 0293 Junior High Curriculum Study
Junior high school classes in progress. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
23) 0293 Dropping Out
Multi-part news series regarding local high school dropout problem. Original entry said WCBB but that seems unlikely dsw 11-9-90.
4) 0293 [Student Cable Production]
Student performance. Latter part of tape is Christmas concert performed by Gardiner School. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
29) 0310 cat.1002-05-WABI-59 Maverick at Univ. of Maine
UM students keep small patch of land clean as Maverick stands off to side.
9) 0312 cat. 1003-12-WABI-59 Bangor Fire Drill
Bangor: Elementary school fire drill including pan of school, pulling of alarm by fire chief and principal, children evacuating and standing in line.
8) 0313 cat. 0009-02-WABI-59 Student Council
Brewer ? : Exterior shots of the school. Students and parents crowd into the school. Shot from both inside and outside.
10) 0313 cat. 0009-09-WABI-58 Ellsworth Fire
Ellsworth: A school has burned to ashes. Scenes include children and neighbors helping to save furniture, fire fighters battling blaze, heavy smoke, schoolyard on fire.
12) 0317 cat.0011-16-WABI-60 Brewer East Maine Champs
Eleven members of the Brewer Witches Eastern Maine Champion Basketball Team are shown in MS executing passes and in CU smiling for the camera.
21) 0322 cat.0016-06-WABI-60 Farm and Home Week at UM
Students and faculty at Farm and Home Week presentation. Students walking in front of Student Union, students and faculty listening to speaker.
14) 0325 cat. 0018-13-WABI-60 ROTC Inspection at Bangor High School
Bangor: Officers inspect ROTC high school students marching with rifles.
18) 0328 cat. 0018-14-WABI-60 Board of Education?
Students and adults listening to speaker.
19) 0337 cat. 0020-10-WABI-61 Basketball Players
Shots of Presque Isle, Rockland, Orono, Bucksport, Winslow basketball players.
36) 0338 cat. 1009-14-WABI-61 Brewer High Takes Over City Hall
Brewer: High School English club visit including students in offices of city manager, welfare dept., cemetery board, board of assessors, tax collectors, city clerk, tax collecto...
21) 0339 cat. 0026-04-WABI-61 Brewer High School Graduation
Brewer: High school graduation ceremony with students marching in gowns to stage, being seated, and 'Excelsior 61' banner.
30) 0341 cat. 0026-10-WABI-60 UM Dorm Cornerstone
Three men place cornerstone of UM women's dormitory as part of ceremony.
23) 0342 cat. 0031-10-WABI-62 YMCA Bangor High School Swim Team
Bangor: Shots of boys freestyle, breast stroke and butterfly races; diving competitions, scuba diving in the pool.
21) 0343 cat. 0029-08-WABI-61 English Club Visits City Hall
Brewer: Brewer High School English Club at City Hall. Students visit offices of City Manager, Welfare Department, Cemetery Board, Board of Assessors, City Clerk, Tax Collector, ...
66) 0343 cat. 0029-15-WABI-61 Orono Class D Champs
Orono Class D Championship celebration includes bonfire and crowd.
34) 0343 cat. 0029-20-WABI-61 UM Class Day
UM graduation ceremony.
24) 0345 cat. 0032-03-WABI-61 UM Basketball
UM basketball team shooting drills.
24) 0345 cat. 0032-07-WABI-61 Fire Prevention Award
Fire fighter equips Fruit Street school children with plastic fire hats and displays 'Junior Fire Marshall -- Fire Prevention Achievement Award.'
25) 0350 cat. 0032-21-WABI-61 Fire Check at St. Joseph's
Fire control demonstration at St. Joseph's School. Children evacuating school, listening to fire chief outside, fire fighters extinguishing pond and garbage fires.
12) 0351 cat. 1019-11-WABI-62 Winner Snow Sculpture
Orono: University of Maine annual snow sculpture contest including sculptures of a beaver, a squirrel, a puppy, a Maine map, a teacup, and a tower.
9) 0351 cat. 1019-12-WABI-62 UM Snow Sculpture
Orono: University of Maine fraternity brothers work on snow sculptures.
28) 0354 cat. 1020-28-WABI-62 Bangor High School ROTC
Corps exercise including students standing at attention, shaking hands, marching.
29) 0355 cat. 0047-20-WABI-62 French Students at WABI
French students visit WABI studio including various rooms, George Hale at microphone.
1) 0358 cat. 1022-06-WABI-62 Fire Drill
School fire drill including principal pulling alarm, students evacuating, a firefighter distributing safety literature, CU of a pamphlet.
35) 0360 cat. 0050-09-WABI-62 Veazie--New School Room
Veazie: New school room now occupied by students and a teacher.
22) 0360 cat. 0050-10-WABI-62 Polio Vaccine at Bangor High School
Bangor: Women distribute cups of vaccine to line of waiting students.
34) 0361 cat. 1021-08-WABI-62 Commencement at UM
Orono: Ceremony including elderly professor presenting something to student, then making a speech.
16) 0361 cat. 1021-18-WABI-62 Newport High School
Newport High School class activities including shop students working with welding equipment, an experiment in the chemistry lab, cooking in home economics class, microscopy in b...
14) 0362 cat. 0051-12-WABI-62 Newport High School
Tour of Newport High School including metal and woodshop class as students practice welding, chemistry lab, cooking in home economics, microscope in biology lab, typing room, gu...
32) 0362 cat. 0051-15-WABI-62 UM Commencement
Ceremony on lawn of mall including seated graduates, young woman receiving something from elderly professor, same professor making a speech, pan shot of entire ceremony.
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