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1) 1866.0001 [John Dougherty --television clips] Dodge Morgan Tape 1
Footage of Dodge Morgan on round-the-world sail. Actuality with natural sound Intercut with comments from D.M. Copyright the New Film Company, Inc. Runs 9:30. Later on tape: Bas...
2) 1866.0002 [John Dougherty --television clips] Dodge Morgan Tape 2
Dodge Morgan aboard American Promise 4/11/86. Raw Footage of D.M. dockside; interview with John Dougherty on his 150-day round-the-world solo sail (shot for WCSH in Bermuda).
3) 1866.0003 [John Dougherty --television clips] Dodge Morgan Tape 3
Interview with unidentified man from Boston College about psychological study of Dodge Morgan on his solo sail around the world, with John Dougherty. Radio tracks.
7) 1866.0004 [John Dougherty --television clips] Dodge Morgan Tape 4
Dodge Morgan & wife Manny interviewed in Bermuda by Bryant Gumbel on 'Today' show. Runs 5:00. Later on tape, Bill Green interviews a hockey coach, player; Diane Atwood interview...
5) 1866.0005 [John Dougherty --television clips] Dodge Morgan Tape 5
Actuality with natural sound of Dodge Morgan sailing 'American Promise.'
6) 1866.0006 [John Dougherty --television clips] Dodge Morgan Tape 6
Actuality , Dodge Morgan sails into St. Georges, Bermuda. Crowd cheers; Dodge Morgan speaks; mayor speaks; mayor gives D.M plaque. Townspeople greet D.M. John Dougherty.
5) 1866.0007 Samantha Smith Goes to Washington
Samantha Smith interviews candidates for president, after getting ideas for questions from other students. Produced by Disney Channel.
8) 1866.0008 [John Dougherty --television clips] Muskie stills
Still photos of Secretary of State Edmund Muskie and President Jimmy Carter. Box labeled 'Iran crisis.'
9) 1866.0009A [John Dougherty --television clips] George Mitchell Interview 1
Tape 1: Still photographs of George Mitchell with Hilary Rodham Clinton, with President Bill Clinton, with President Clinton and several other senators, with Rosalyn and Preside...
10) 1866.0010 [John Dougherty --television clips] George Mitchell Interview 2
In WBZ-TV news aircut, Sen. George Mitchell criticizes Lt. Col. Oliver North's role in the Iran-Contra affair. Later on tape, Sen. Edward Kennedy speaks to a group, then comment...
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