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1) 0853.0020 [Tapley on Bigelow Mountain]
// Slightly faded. // Item from can 221, labeled 01/07/1975 - 01/15/1975.;Interview in television studio with Lance Tapley on Bigelow Mountain referendum petition drive and upcoming meeting in Portland. Features funky set design with sun pattern on wall.
48) 0952.0017 [Maine Reporter's Notebook: Media Watch]
Program #604. Record date: October 27, 1989. Air date: October 28, 1989. // Host John Greenman talks in studio with guests Al Diamon, John Diamond, Tom Hanrahan, and Dan Namowit...;Host John Greenman in the studio introduces guests Al Diamon, John Diamond, Tom Hanrahan, and Dan Namowitz to talk about current media issues in the state of Maine. The first to...;In the studio John Greenmail, Brian Tucker;
1) 0952.0019 [Maine Reporter's Notebook: The Canadian Connection]
Program #426. Record date: April 3, 1987. // John Greenman speaks with Robert MacNeil, Charles Horne of WZON Radio, and Alan Miller of the University of Maine in the studio to d...;John Greenman talks with Robert MacNeil, Charles Horne of WZON Radio, and Alan Miller of the University of Maine in the studio to discuss Canadian-American relations. Harold She...
19) 0980 [Historic film news story]
News story dated 11 December 1986. Lauren Tery reports, interview with David Weiss about Northeast Historic Film. Starts 13 minutes into the videotape. ONSITE REFERENCE ONLY.; Don Colson and Felicia Knight anchor the news broadcast that begins with a report by Alan Audet about Rev. Dunphy and his ministry in Bangor; Clifford Rosen talks about the res...;Advertisers include Webber Energy, Twin Pines Ski Shop, Coors, Gordon's Jewelers, True Value, Bonanza, Gordon's Sport Shop, Mazda, Chase Furniture, Pontiac, Toro Dealers, Bangor...
2) 1019.0001 [Newsroom promo]
Transferred 16 mm onto supplied 3/4-inch for Larry Ayotte.;Newsroom shots, silent, of reporters talking to each other, on the phone, working at computers, preparing copy, then in the studio with anchors at the desk, lights and cameras, ...
20) 1108 [Archie Stewart--home movies] VT4 (part 2, two cuts), VT13, VT15, VT8 (two cuts)
Stewart International Airport footage: VT4 (part 2), two cuts dated 4/1/91 and 4/17/91 NHF Cataloger's notes [times from VCR display]: (1:00) Stewart Airport, Newburgh, NY, peop...;Mary Stewart Hafer notes: VT 4 Delta Airlines opens service, April 1, 1991. Archie cuts ribbon with huge scissors. "Time to fly" character. VT1y American Airlines celebrates 1 ...
7) 1140.0002 [Gahagen with Baby]
Representative Hayes Gahagan of CBU celebrates birth of baby with fellow lawmakers
9) 1140.0003 [Governor Longley Inauguration]
Governor James Longley sworn in at Augusta Civic Center
9) 1140.0004 [Inauguration Preview]
Reporter Bob Steele's standupper, setting scene for Longley inauguration
11) 1140.0005 [Emery on Election Victory]
Emery says he will go to Washington to serve as Maine's 1st Disctrict Congressman while House committee investigates allegations by defeated campaign opponent, Representative Pe...
6) 1140.0006 [Curtis Addresses Legislature]
Governor Ken Curtis delivers last address to Maine Legislature (Joint Session)
12) 1140.0007 [Planning Commission]
Official (Toby Averill?) Penobscot Valley Regional Planning Commission discusses his agency's role; interviewed by Don Carrigan (off camera)
13) 1140.0008 [Bangor Basketball Coach Interview]
Interview with Bangor High School basketball coach Bob Cimbollek on prospects for season
9) 1140.0009 [Muskie]
Senator Edmund Muskie
16) 1140.0010 [Muskie]
Senator Edmund Muskie
11) 1140.0011 [Swimming]
17) 1140.0012 [Snowmobile Safety]
Snowmobile safety
13) 1140.0013 [Francis Woodhead]
Bangor Police Chief Francis Woodhead
19) 1140.0014 [Free Throw]
Free throw
15) 1140.0015 [Charlie Jacobs]
Charlie Jacobs
22) 1140.0016 [Bangor City Council]
Bangor City Council meeting; fire station search?
23) 1140.0017 [Unemployment]
18) 1140.0018 [Birch-Hancock Street Accidents]
Yield sign; Birch-Hancock Street accidents; Bob Steele's package
24) 1140.0019 [Miss Maine Pageant Preview]
Upcoming Miss Maine pageant; Jaycees to run; Arvilla Vercelles, Brenda Dunro?
20) 1140.0020 [UMO Medical School Proposal]
University of Maine Medical School Proposal; Donaldson Koombs?
27) 1140.0021 [High School Basketball]
Bangor Christian vs. Penobscot Valley; high school basketball game
28) 1140.0022 [Muskie on Death of Chinese Leader]
Senator Edmund Muskie on the death of a Chinese leader
23) 1140.0023 [School Funding]
Legislative hearing on school funding; Frederick Whittaker; Don Carrigan package
24) 1140.0024 [Muskie on Cohen]
Senator Edmund Muskie on William (Bill) Cohen's decision not to oppose
25) 1140.0025 [State Police Training]
Maine State Police training
32) 1140.0026 [Brennan on State Funds]
Joseph (Joe) Brennan talks about State funding and mandates
32) 1140.0026A [Mandates]
Representative Ed (?) on mandates spending
28) 1140.0027 [Airport Cuts Staff]
Bangor International Airport cuts staff due to lack of Federal funds; Bangor City Manager Merle Goff, and Willis Ward of U.S. Customs comment
35) 1140.0028 [Airport]
Bangor International Airport; Don Carrigan package
35) 1140.0029 [Paper Industry Costs]
Paper industry costs; William Katsamo (sp?) talks about woods work and union organizing
31) 1140.0030 [Basketball]
Basketball at the Bangor Auditorium.
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