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8) 0152.0001 NRA Parade, Bangor
Dated October 1933. 'The pictures of the Bangor Brewer NRA Parade are brought to you through the efforts of Bangor Publix Theatres.' LS front of library? Bands, military, Indepe...;People on the Indian Island Women's Club float identified as sisters Lucy Poolaw, Florence Shay and Emma Nicolar.
8) 0309 cat.0007-07-WABI-59 Downtown Bangor
Bangor : Scenes of Main Street during Christmas shopping season at night. Shows WABI neon sign, a toy train in a department store window, the Sears Roebuck building, Citizens Ut...
11) 0309 cat.0007-08-WABI-58 Freeses Department Store, Bangor
Bangor : Long static night shots of Freeses Department Store lit up for Christmas. Also, some shots of the crowds on the streets and a look through the front windows of the stor...
34) 0310 cat.1002-04-WABI-59 Opening of New Mart
Opening of new Mart store including speeches, ribbon cutting, shoppers inside and out.
5) 0310 cat.1002-12-WABI-59 Opening of New Mart
More footage of cat. no. 1002-04-WABI-59. Includes more shots of shoppers.
6) 0312 cat. 1003-09-WABI [Warehouse]
Men arrange a display of desks or bureaus in store or warehouse.
20) 0312 cat. 1003-10-WABI-59 Trailer Caravan
Bangor: Trailers pulled by cars proceeds through downtown Bangor in front of old Sears building and turning onto Central Street.
14) 0316 cat.0010-06-WABI-59 Rexall Brewer Auditorium
Brewer: Rexall displays Christmas wares at Brewer Auditorium. Shots include people browsing; displays of cards, toys and decorations; 'Toyland' and 'Merry Christmas' signs.
17) 0316 cat.0010-07-WABI-60 Rice and Miller Dealer Show
Bangor: Eighth Annual Rice and Miller Dealer Show. Shots include pan of displays with show title superimposed. MS of people and displays.
10) 0316 cat.0011-11-WABI-61 New Central Furniture
New Central Furniture Store. Exterior shots. Indoor scenes of crew working on lighting and electrical systems.
11) 0317 cat.0012-01-WABI-59 Mammoth Mart
Mammoth Mart Old-Fashioned Sale Days. Group dressed in period costume poses around piano.
12) 0317 cat.0012-03-WABI-59 New Central Furniture
Workers at New Central Furniture building. Shots of carpenters and electricians working, store inventory.
13) 0317 cat.0012-04-WABI-59 Coffin and Wimple Open House
Furniture store. Shots of furniture and of boss unsuccessfully directing men where to place a couch. Coffin and Wimple sign.
14) 0322 cat.1008-02-WABI-60 Sears Roebuck Farm Dept.
Commercial for Sears. Man tries to sell couple an item at Sears, then shakes their hands.
34) 0323 cat. 0017-19-WABI-60 Bangor Dollar Days
Bangor : Annual Dollar Days celebration on Main Street. Shots of crowds, street scenes, banner, people window-shopping.
16) 0323 cat. 0017-25-WABI-60 Star Store Opening
Ribbon cutting and crowd at new Star store.
17) 0325 cat. 0018-09-WABI-60 Kiddie Town USA
Men enter Kiddie Town and look at shelves of toys.
18) 0328 cat. 0018-18-WABI-60 Shoe Dept.
Shots of shoe department.
42) 0328 cat. 0018-24-WABI-59 New Central Furniture
Furniture store remodeling. Carpenters and electricians working, furniture displays, building exterior.
66) 0328 cat. 0019-05-WABI-60 The Mart Santa
Santa arrives at the Mart in a convertible, and waves to kids and cameras. He enters the Mart, makes his way through the crowds, seats himself, and takes kids on his lap. Also s...
43) 0329 cat. 1008-17-WABI-60 Better Homes
Bangor : Shots of Better Homes building including front door, fence, company truck, men looking at mouldings and a closet, a stone wall, shower doors.
15) 0332 cat. 0019-10-WABI-61 Freeses
Freeses Gold Bond Stamp commercial. Stamp spins with caption, a stamp book filling up, and a poster for the stamp.
16) 0332 cat. 0019-11-WABI-60 New Central Furniture
First commercial is for refrigerator with double doors. 2 takes. 36 ft. each. Second commercial is for washer-dryer set.
24) 0332 cat. 0020-01-WABI-61 Freeses
Freeses Gold Bond Stamps spot. Stamp spinning, a stamp book filling up and displaying its total value, and poster advertising stamp.
25) 0332 cat. 0020-03-WABI-59 John Paul
Commercials: 1) A tall man models a suit and then walks to a sign that says, 'John Paul, Chargray Flannels, $37.50.' three takes 2) Same model in suit walks to a sign 'America's...
26) 0332 cat. 0020-03-WABI-59 John Paul Spots
First spot has a tall man modeling a suit and walking over to a sign that says, 'John Paul -- Chargray Flannels -- $37.50' 3 takes. 10 ft. each. Second spot has same man walking...
27) 0332 cat. 0020-04-WABI-59 John Paul Top Coats
Spots for Ranch Coats and Top Coats. A man wearing a top coat looks into a three-way mirror, then walks to a sign with the coat's name and price. & takes.
35) 0332 cat. 0020-05-WABI-59 John Paul Fits em All
Shot of the 'John Paul Fits Em All' sign. 2 takes.
36) 0335 cat. 1009-11-WABI-63 Freeses Gold Bond Stamps
Commercial : including stamp spinning and stopping with the caption 'Freeses Gold Bond Trading Stamps.' Cut to a drawing saying, 'Where a Wonderful World of Gifts is Waiting for...
31) 0336 cat. 0024-02-WABI-59 John Paul Ads
John Paul clothing store ads. Young boy models a suit, walks to sign naming type of suit and price: 'Chargray Flannel -- $19.98,' 'Ice-Grey flannels -- Suit $24.98,' 'Sportcoat ...
5) 0336 cat. 0024-04-WABI-61 St. John's Episcopal Church
Bangor : Shots of church and its Reverend John Brett Fort. Shots of church, organ player, night shot, and shots of Freeses on Main St.
51) 0338 cat. 0025-11-WABI-61 City Council at Shopping Center
Three city council members at Broadway Shopping Center groundbreaking. Shots of shoveling, entire site and scale model.
33) 0339 cat. 0026-07-WABI-61 Machias Flood
Machias: Flooded ditches and roads, picnic area underwater, logjam, houses and stores, Narraguagas and Machias rivers.
34) 0341 cat. 0026-09-WABI Suburban Farm?
Salesman helps couple looking at stuffed toy dog in store.
36) 0345 cat. 0032-05-WABI-61 Opening of New Grants Shopping Center
Ribbon cutting using giant scissors.
34) 0347 cat. 0030-08-WABI-60 John Paul Animation
Quick animation spot for John Paul clothing store in which tall, fat and short men model as sign reads, 'John Paul Fits Em All.'
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