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34) 0309 cat. 0007-05-WABI Simulated Plane Crash Fire
Bangor ? : Scenes from a simulated plane crash fire as fire fighters try to get it under control. Night. Scenes of planes taxiing on runway. Ref. 300.
27) 0310 cat.1002-10-WABI-59 Dow Air Fair
Bangor: Mock helicopter rescue including pickup of pilot from crashed airplane and firetruck with water gun.
32) 0311 cat. 1002-14-WABI-59 Damaged Plane Dow Air Force Base
Nighttime shots of damaged airplane from various angles.
27) 0312 cat. 1003-03-WABI-59 Hermon Accident
Hermon: Accident scene including car with front end smashed in.
33) 0313 cat. 0009-05-WABI-59 Interview at Dow Air Force Base
Bangor : Interview with two Air Force men about their surviving a midair collision and being in the Maine woods before help could arrive. Questions about their careers, the acci...
11) 0314 cat.1004-02-WABI-59 Interview with Crash Survivor
Lieutenant Johnson has apparently just survived an airplane crash. He is interviewed at a table.
13) 0315 cat.0010-05-WABI Car Accident
Car accident. Shots include several angles of damaged car, and road and traffic from point of view of driver.
18) 0318 cat.0013-02-WABI Car Accident
Car accident. Shots of car and crowd.
9) 0318 cat.0013-05-WABI-58 Train Derailment North Maine
Northern Maine: Train derailment. Shots of engine off track, engineers surveying damage, damage, train pulled back onto track.
10) 0323 cat. 0017-13-WABI-60 Accident at State Street
Bangor : Minor accident. Shots of cars and damage.
15) 0324 cat. 0017-07-WABI-60 Accident
Car and bus collision at Hudson intersection. Shots of damaged vehicles, accident scene.
12) 0324 cat. 0017-08-WABI-60 Tractor Accident at Auditorium
Bangor : a farm tractor is flipped back into position by a wrecker in front of the civic auditorium.
20) 0334 cat. 0024-13-WABI-62 Gas Main
Damaged gas main. Police directing traffic around it, men working on it, spectators.
19) 0335 cat. 0025-05-WABI-61 Racing at Bangor Fair
Horse and buggy race including an accident.
22) 0337 cat. 0023-04-WABI-61 101 B Crash
Recovery of crashed 101 Bomber. Shots of search party, crash site, forest, wreckage.
41) 0338 cat. 1009-13-WABI-61 Plane Crash at Dedham
Dedham: 101 bomber crash including sections of airplane and trees scattered on ground, path gouged into woods, people standing around, an official speaking.
21) 0339 cat. 0026-06-WABI-61 Plane Crash at Dow
Crash at Air Force Base with plane stranded on train tracks.
27) 0342 cat. 0031-09-WABI-61 Three Truck Accident
Accident includes 18-wheel semi, gas or oil truck and third truck. CUs of damage.
19) 0343 cat. 0029-02-WABI-61 Drowning at Brewer Lake
Penobscot Sheriffs Department searches for drowning victim. Sheriffs in boat and planes.
20) 0343 cat. 0029-05-WABI-61 Belfast Car Accident
Belfast: Car damaged in accident.
23) 0343 cat. 0029-09-WABI-61 Train Hits Car
Driver hit by train is fatally injured. Shots of car, train.
23) 0343 cat. 0029-12-WABI-61 Lucerne Accident
Crowd looks at car's front end damage.
30) 0344 cat. 0027-16-WABI-61 Holden Accident
Interviews with spectators gathered around overturned car. Ambulance arrives and police direct traffic.
33) 0345 cat. 0031-11-WABI-61 Auto Accident
Car and truck collision including CUs of damage.
25) 0345 cat. 0031-13-WABI-62 Auto Accident on Main Street
LSs and MSs of one damaged car and a police officer at accident scene.
25) 0345 cat. 0031-14-WABI-62 Train and Car Collision at Veazie
Collision scene shots include damaged car, railroad tracks, police officer.
34) 0345 cat. 0032-06-WABI Auto Accident
Accident scene includes car in embankment.
22) 0350 cat. 0032-11-WABI-61 Car in Kenduskeag Stream
Accident scene including pulling car out of water, men in boat by car, bridge, spectators.
36) 0350 cat. 0032-17-WABI-61 Truck Accident in Belfast
Belfast: Wrecker attempting to restore overturned Avis Truck to upright position.
31) 0350 cat. 0032-23-WABI-61 Plane Crash in Albion
Small single engine plane crash in Albion including damaged plane, helicopter standing by, Federal Aeronautics Commission inspection, warning to people not to touch wreckage.
15) 0353 cat. 1020-18-WABI-62 Accident in Veazie
Veazie: Accident scene including car upside down in embankment, car being restored to upright position, police, spectators.
32) 0354 cat. 0047-14-WABI-62 Plane Search
Helicopter, boat and ground crews search for plane downed in water.
33) 0354 cat. 1020-21-WABI-62 Accident in Brewer
Accident scene including two damaged cars, and sign saying, 'Seat Belts installed $5.95.'
34) 0355 cat. 0048-06-WABI-62 Auto Accident
Scenes from multi-car accident including officer opening car door to show damage, wrecker about to pull car away.
36) 0355 cat. 1021-20-WABI-62 Four Cars in Accident
Accident scene including victim carried away on a stretcher, damaged cars.
36) 0356 cat. 0048-17-WABI-62 Plane Crash in Mt. Waldo
Mt. Waldo: Plane crash scenes include mountain, police car, wreckage, damaged foliage, helicopter picking up a man and lowering something to police officer.
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