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1) 1000.0001 Dream
Title on film: 'Dream.';A paper sign title card: ‘DREAM’. An upside-down shot of a woman. A bass plays. Backdrop: ‘1620 vs. 1920’. Close up of an embossed cover of the ‘Holy Bible’. First page: ‘Direct...;Preservation answer print made from Super 8 archival master funded by 2007 Women's Film Preservation Fund grant. Lab work done by Brodsky and Treadway, Chace and Cineric. Work c...
2) 1000.0002 Blaine/Lipstick/Horse Show
A man driving through an arid landscape. A gate with a sign: ‘No Trespassing’. Drives past a sign: ‘ALL ADULTS 50’. Man smoking as he drives past cows. Lumber. Cattle. Man tossi...;UNCLE BLAINE Reel #1 LIPSTICK 74 Reel #2 Nat'L Horse Show 204 P.M. Reel #3
5) 2716.0622 Good Day - #4436; Susan Wornick; E.D. Hirsch; Bon Dorley; Tim Marcoux; Mike Ledoux
Master;#4436; Good Day; Commercials included in taping; Eileen Prose hosts; Bob Dorley, Tim Marcoux and Mike Ledoux talk about why they think Pamela Smart was not guilty of the murder...;Advertisements include Sherwin L Kantrovitz attorneys, United Way, Buy Seller, Fischer College, Dane M. Shulman law offices, News Center 5 Smart Routes, Lestoil, McCain Junior J...
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