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33) 0853.0020 [Tapley on Bigelow Mountain]
// Slightly faded. // Item from can 221, labeled 01/07/1975 - 01/15/1975.;Interview in television studio with Lance Tapley on Bigelow Mountain referendum petition drive and upcoming meeting in Portland. Features funky set design with sun pattern on wall.
30) 1108 [Archie Stewart--home movies] VT4 (part 2, two cuts), VT13, VT15, VT8 (two cuts)
Stewart International Airport footage: VT4 (part 2), two cuts dated 4/1/91 and 4/17/91 NHF Cataloger's notes [times from VCR display]: (1:00) Stewart Airport, Newburgh, NY, peop...;Mary Stewart Hafer notes: VT 4 Delta Airlines opens service, April 1, 1991. Archie cuts ribbon with huge scissors. "Time to fly" character. VT1y American Airlines celebrates 1 ...
34) 1140.0002 [Gahagen with Baby]
Representative Hayes Gahagan of CBU celebrates birth of baby with fellow lawmakers
35) 1140.0003 [Governor Longley Inauguration]
Governor James Longley sworn in at Augusta Civic Center
10) 1140.0004 [Inauguration Preview]
Reporter Bob Steele's standupper, setting scene for Longley inauguration
6) 1140.0005 [Emery on Election Victory]
Emery says he will go to Washington to serve as Maine's 1st Disctrict Congressman while House committee investigates allegations by defeated campaign opponent, Representative Pe...
2) 1140.0006 [Curtis Addresses Legislature]
Governor Ken Curtis delivers last address to Maine Legislature (Joint Session)
2) 1140.0007 [Planning Commission]
Official (Toby Averill?) Penobscot Valley Regional Planning Commission discusses his agency's role; interviewed by Don Carrigan (off camera)
9) 1140.0008 [Bangor Basketball Coach Interview]
Interview with Bangor High School basketball coach Bob Cimbollek on prospects for season
10) 1140.0009 [Muskie]
Senator Edmund Muskie
11) 1140.0010 [Muskie]
Senator Edmund Muskie
34) 1140.0011 [Swimming]
30) 1140.0012 [Snowmobile Safety]
Snowmobile safety
9) 1140.0013 [Francis Woodhead]
Bangor Police Chief Francis Woodhead
10) 1140.0014 [Free Throw]
Free throw
21) 1140.0015 [Charlie Jacobs]
Charlie Jacobs
12) 1140.0016 [Bangor City Council]
Bangor City Council meeting; fire station search?
28) 1140.0017 [Unemployment]
19) 1140.0018 [Birch-Hancock Street Accidents]
Yield sign; Birch-Hancock Street accidents; Bob Steele's package
2) 1140.0019 [Miss Maine Pageant Preview]
Upcoming Miss Maine pageant; Jaycees to run; Arvilla Vercelles, Brenda Dunro?
12) 1140.0020 [UMO Medical School Proposal]
University of Maine Medical School Proposal; Donaldson Koombs?
22) 1140.0021 [High School Basketball]
Bangor Christian vs. Penobscot Valley; high school basketball game
18) 1140.0022 [Muskie on Death of Chinese Leader]
Senator Edmund Muskie on the death of a Chinese leader
24) 1140.0023 [School Funding]
Legislative hearing on school funding; Frederick Whittaker; Don Carrigan package
25) 1140.0024 [Muskie on Cohen]
Senator Edmund Muskie on William (Bill) Cohen's decision not to oppose
20) 1140.0025 [State Police Training]
Maine State Police training
22) 1140.0026 [Brennan on State Funds]
Joseph (Joe) Brennan talks about State funding and mandates
5) 1140.0026A [Mandates]
Representative Ed (?) on mandates spending
28) 1140.0027 [Airport Cuts Staff]
Bangor International Airport cuts staff due to lack of Federal funds; Bangor City Manager Merle Goff, and Willis Ward of U.S. Customs comment
30) 1140.0028 [Airport]
Bangor International Airport; Don Carrigan package
30) 1140.0029 [Paper Industry Costs]
Paper industry costs; William Katsamo (sp?) talks about woods work and union organizing
21) 1140.0030 [Basketball]
Basketball at the Bangor Auditorium.
28) 1140.0031 [Handicap Access]
Speaker from the Maine Rehabilitation Association addresses a handicap access meeting
8) 1140.0032 [Steeple Raising]
Steeple raising
35) 1140.0033 [Basketball Auction]
Basketball auction
18) 1140.0034 [Bangor High Swimming]
Swimming footage with sound bites by Phil Emery, Bangor High School's Swim Coach
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