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28) 2716.0193 Cityline - Christmas Special
Master; Cityline - Christmas Special; X4305; WCVB code 30; rec date: 12-14-90; air date: 12-23-90;CityLine; Christmas Special: a studio performance by Christine Keyes and her band of holiday musical melodies at Arbor House in support of local organizations; ;Credits: Produced by: Karen Holmes; Directed by: Gregg Kidd; Associate Producer: Valerie Nacy-Daniels; Assistant Director: Isaac Laughinghouse; Production Assistant: Keisha McCl...
5) 2716.1584 World of Difference, A - Take 5 (#1)
Master AWOD Take 5 X6258 Air. 2/1/94;Title: “Take 5 A World of Difference”. Robin Young hosts a performance of various artists. Performances include gospel group Truth and Honesty; Bruce Hornsby, blues performer Ta...;Credits: Hosted by Robin Young; Produced by Andrew Schulman; Directed by Bob Comiskey; Coordinating Producer: Ramsay Gifford; Associate Producers: Alison Mosher, Lin Schreiber; ...
3) 2716.1812 [Pops Celebration]
Master X-4279;Outdoor orchestra concert of works by Aaron Copeland, John Phillip Sousa, Johann Sebastian Bach, Richard Rogers, and Leonard Bernstein, and a full rendition of the Irish Sweep. ...;In the studio Harry Ellis Dickson; Elaine Prose; Peter Mehegan;
17) 2716.1813 [Cityline: A Christmas Carol]
Master X-3436 Cityline A Christmas Carol 12/9/92;Christmas music recorded live in a studio setting with Boston area musicians from the Black community.
1) 2716.1819 10th Anniversary:A Boston Pops Celebration
Master X4280;Outdoor concert, second hour, featuring the “Spirit of Massachusetts” and popular composers Anderson, and Cohen, and swing era bandleader compositions like those of the Miller B...;Credits: Faneuil Hall Marketplace A Pops Celebration; with Peter Mehegan, Eileen Prose; Produced by: Richard Sher; Directed by: Bob Comiskey; Associate Producer: Francine Campbe...
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