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19) 1000.0009 Animation 74
Hand drawn animation done with marker on paper. Blurry shots of colored lights. [End of Reel];Reel 9 JLB
2) 1000.0011 Light Bulb Animation
Hand drawn animation, marker on paper. Moving geometric shapes. A blurry, flashing light. [End of Reel];Light Bulb Annimation Reel 11 JLB Jane Morrison 18 Gramercy Parks N.Y, N.Y. 10003
102) 1428.0043 [commercial short] Reel 43
Commercial short purchased and used by Birch Rock Camp: Reel 43 (100 ft., dc 1946): Woody Woodpecker cartoon
8) 1545.0021 Night's Nice
"Night's Nice - Animated film by Sterling Education Films, based on the book by Barbara and Ed Emberly, of Massachusetts. Digitized in HD, March 2018. ;Sterling Education Films 16mm. - Sound-Color-10 Minutes Night's Nice Level Primary, Intermediate Content An animated version of the book by Barbara and Ed Emberly, which tells i...
2) 1823.0012 [Cinegraph Previews] Reel 12
Kodak 'Cinegraph Previews' reel. Clips from: 'The Milky Way', 'Grass', 'Behind the Front', 'The Spanish Dancer';Intertitle: 'These scenes from Kodak Cinegraphs, new releases each month, may be purchased out-right from Cine-Kodak dealers.' 'Daffy Doings in Doodlebugville, The Milky-Way, Pr...
6) 1902.0010 Busting Bubbles
Donald Duck in "Busting Bubbles"
7) 2419.0154-.0166 Abraham Katz--commercial films. Reels 154-166
Commercial 16mm prints of films including a Mickey and Minnie cartoon, "World Parade," "The Chameleon," "Monarch of the Ring," "Shicklegruber [sic] doing the Lambeth Walk," and ...
5) 2534.0005 [Harvard Forest Films] Reel 5
Reel 5 is a largely animated educational film about genetics and the role chromosomes play in heredity through mitosis and meiosis as well as chromosomal disorders. The early p...
1) 2716.1343 Night Shift - Open
Night Shifts X5586 Sub-master Open - Open Rec. 9/28/90 Black w/code;Work tape for the creation of ‘Night Shift’ opening sequence. Various computer graphics, film and animation clips.
10) 2980.0009 Daffy Milky Way Cartoon
Daffy Milky Way cartoon
20) 2993.0019 [Alice Cartoon Balloon Race--Bob Burnham--cartoon] Reel 19
Carnival Films presents Alice Cartoon Balloon Race
12) 2993.0020 [Bob Burnham--cartoon] Reel 20
S – July 10, 1963 Cartoon
13) 3124.0151 [Turbyne--home movies] Reel 151
Andy Panda
4) 3124.0152 [Turbyne--home movies] Reel 152
Andy Panda
17) 3183.0021 Walt Disney Character Films; Donald Duck and the Smoke Eater 1555-A
Walt Disney Character Films; Donald Duck and the Smoke Eater 1555-A
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