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10) 2178.0005 [Albion Emery--home movies] Reel 5, Accession 2178
Footage of buildings and stores along snowed in streets in a small, downtown area, including various machines being used to remove the snow from the streets and sidewalks. A fe...
9) 2178.0006 [Albion Emery--home movies] Reel 6, Accession 2178
Footage of a football game. Notes on can: “Dexter - Bar Harbor Football”
3) 2178.0007 [Albion Emery--home movies] Reel 7, Accession 2178
Footage of a New Year’s Eve party, including men playing a drum set, people drinking, dancing and trying on hats and wigs, a Montana state flag on the wall and a man playing a p...
7) 2178.0008 [Albion Emery--home movies] Reel 8, Accession 2178
A few shots of the remnants of a building after a fire. A few shots of children riding a toy tractor pulling a wagon through Emery’s Cottages. A shot of people cooking in a ki...
6) 2178.0009 [Albion Emery--home movies] Reel 9, Accession 2178
Footage of a party in a back yard, including wrapped gifts on a table and people eating and drinking.
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