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1) 0167.0001 Single Parents
dubbed LC list 1991, videorecording, not in LC collection
6) 0169.0001 Young Offenders
Episode #5 in series. // Interviews with young offenders and staff people in the Maine criminal justice system.
25) 0188.0001 Woodburners, reel #2
No description available
4) 0189.0001 Maine Stream Jazz
In studio performance by Don Stratton's Jazz Band
27) 0190.0001 The Last Epidemic and Follow Up
Excerpts from a conference on medical consequences of nuclear weapons and nuclear war (at San Francisco), followed by MPBN panel discussion
31) 0195.0001 Summer Theater in Maine
This program focuses on the history of professional theater in Maine. It includes a segment of the history of the Lakewood Theater in Skowhegan. Terry Flettrich (host) interview...
32) 0196.0001 You Be the Judge
This program is a public affairs program focusing on criminal sentencing. It aims to help citizens understand the sentencing process through a simulated crime and sentencing. Th...
34) 0198.0001 Collage #132
14) 0201.0001 Learning Through Television III
Panel discussion on telecourses, history and implementation in Maine, discussion of type of students taking televised college courses. Panelists: Dr. George Connick, University ...
10) 0202.0001 Images of Bluegrass
1979 Salty Dog bluegrass festival near Moosehead Lake; performances and interviews with musicians
18) 0218 and 0847 [Rencontre des Peuples Francophones, Quebec City, 1980]
No description available
8) 0219 and 0847 [Kevin Duplissie and the Augusta Con-fest]
No description available
21) 0221 and 0847 [Paulette Coussot, historical background of the Acadians]
No description available
22) 0222 and 0847 [Lille (Me.) Church, Josee Vachon]
No description available
23) 0224.0001 Porte Ouverte sur l'Emigration (Immigration...the Journey)
3/4 in. archival original is transfer from original 2 in. tape. // Dropout throughout. // Episode produced in 1981 by Maine Public Broadcasting for a series entitled Reflets et ...
5) 0248 Spem in Alium
Educational/cultural work, 10 min. running time.
3) 0249.0001 [Stretching Out A-Roll Elements]
This is a silent A-roll of Stretching Out. // In excellent condition, but has several loose splices that need to be redone. // 'Filmed at the Very Special Arts Festival held in ...
7) 0249.0002 [Stretching Out B-Roll Elements]
This is a silent A-roll of Stretching Out. // In excellent condition, but based on condition of splices in acc. 0249.0001, they may need to be redone. // 'Filmed at the Very Spe...
8) 0249.0003 [Stretching Out Mag Track Elements]
This is a full-coat magnetic soundtrack for Stretching Out. // In excellent condition. // 'Filmed at the Very Special Arts Festival held in Pownal, Maine, 1981. An honest and re...
9) 0249.0004 Stretching Out (Soundtrack Negative)
This is an optical soundtrack negative for Stretching Out. // In excellent condition. // 'Filmed at the Very Special Arts Festival held in Pownal, Maine, 1981. An honest and rev...
22) 0249.0005 Stretching Out
Release print for Stretching Out. // In excellent condition. // 'Filmed at the Very Special Arts Festival held in Pownal, Maine, 1981. An honest and revealing look at the artist...
12) 0251 Deep Trout
Educational/cultural work. Running time: 43.5 mins.
8) 0293 Junior High Curriculum Study
Junior high school classes in progress. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
10) 0293 Maine Poets Festival -- 5th annual
Dated 04-23-82. Master source tape. Readings in auditorium by Kendall Morrison, Kathleen Lignell, Lee Sharkey, Sheldon Christian and Louise Piper. Terry Plunkett is Master of Ce...
16) 0293 [Raymond Richard interview] Mainetide
Mayo interview of Reverend Raymond Richard regarding support group for people who have ended relationships. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
13) 0293 [Kennebec River] Mainetide
Dated 08-12-82. Mary Mayo interviews Michael Burns regarding river and Maine's resources. Then they cruise down Kennebec. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
15) 0293 Smoking Out/Maine
Dated 11-18-86. Commercial with an anti-smoking theme. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
51) 0293 Venture in Mission to Maine
Community service issues in Maine and their relationship to Maine Diocese. Opening includes discussion at Blaine House by Governor Joseph Brennan and others. Their voices accomp...
20) 0293 Sisters in Harmony: Women's Barbershop Singing Competition
Dated 06-04-82. Singing contest with women from Maine and Canada performing. Maine groups are KenneBelles Chapter of Harmony Inc., and Maine Quarter Notes, both from Waterville....
21) 0293 Smoking Out/Maine
Dated 11-18-1986. Anti-smoking commercial. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
29) 0293 [Harriet Ketover and George Boyce] Mainetide
Dated 04-20-82. Guests including Harriet Ketover and George Boyce discuss why proposed financial cutbacks aren't in Maine's best interests, and a rally in Augusta. FOR REFERENCE...
14) 0293 Margaret Fuller Forum [Rodney Pierce Interview]
A UMA panel of women from Maine discuss Margaret Fuller's life and accomplishments. Second part of tape is Mainetide show with host Mary Mayo interviewing labor consultant Rodne...
34) 0293 A Dream Come True
A children's camp puts on a show about what they think dreams are. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
23) 0293 Law of the Sea Treaty
Dated 12-14-82. John Temple Swing discusses the reasons for negotiating the Sea Treaty. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
36) 0293 A Lovely Light; Dance Behind the Mask
A Lovely Light is a documentary on the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay. Dance Behind the Mask is a dance performance about children danced by Jimena Lasansky. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
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