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8) 1428.0042 [commercial short] Reel 42
Commercial short purchased and used by Birch Rock Camp: Reel 42 (100 ft., dc 1944): Here Comes the Circus;Title card: ‘CASTLE FILMS PRESENTS’, ‘HERE COMES THE CIRCUS’. Intertitle: ‘Headed for the “Big Top”!’ People on the midway. Intertitle: ‘The big side show!’ A sword swallower pe...
7) 1638.0022 England--Robert N. Lupfer--home movies. Reel 22
This reel contains amateur footage and two purchased reels. 1. Amateur footage England: Harrow on the Hill train station. Street, women walk, toddler in stroller. Town vie...
6) 2123.0008 Order in the court
13) 2167.0029 West Point--King Family--home movies. Reel 29
Date from edge code on film. // Label on can: 'West Point.' // Reel begins with Castle Films News Parade reel about United States Military Academy. Second portion of reel is ama...;Castle Films News Parade, "West Point Symbol of Our Army," 1943. Silent version with intertitles. Followed by amateur color film, marching soldiers at West Point. View of...
25) 2313.0011 [Alan Bemis—home movies] Reel 11
"The Rise and Fall of Susan Lennox" (Motormaulers 1930) Can Labels: "The Rise & Fall of Susan Lennox. [At Concord, N.H. - 1930]. Motormaulers. ACB's Stanley Special in Camb...;The Saga of the Motormaulers The Motormaulers First Film - Concord, N.H. In 1930, when some of us involved were still hanging around Harvard University, Sid Shurcliff reported ...;"The Motormaulers present CLARK GABLE and GRETA GARBO in The Ris and Fall of Susan Lennox"
7) 2463.0007 A day in a young boy's life, 1937--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 7
Theatre in the Cellar presents A Day in A Young Boy's Life starring Charles Stewart, Jr.
1) 2463.0008 Be Beautiful?, Boothbay Harbor, Donald B. MacMillan 1937-1938--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 8
Compilation of four films, including the comic short "Be Beautiful?", a short film of a visit to Boothbay Harbor, brief footage of the ferry Virginia, and a newsreel-style short...;1) Cyrus Pinkham Presents Peggy Smith in Be Beautiful? 2) A vacation - Boothbay Harbor 3) Virginia (a ferry, not the state) 4) News Flashes - cameo by Lowell Thomas ;Title: "Cyrus Pinkham Presents" Title: "Peggy Smith in Be Beautiful?" Title: "Screenplay/Cyrus Pinkham/David Houck/Peggy Smith/Titles/Peter Schuman" Dramatic short of a frump...;Scanned in 2K for NFPF grant in 2022.
1) 2707.0033 "Flappers"
Hal Roach commercial film titled "Flappers"
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