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2) 0133.0002 Trout Fishing, Rangeley Lakes
Dated October 1906. Made for the New England Forest, Fish and Game Assoc. 'The subject is a trip to a fishing camp by train, boat and pack route. All the necessary operations to...;Title: ‘1573’, ‘TROUT FISHING RANGELEY LAKES. American Mutoscope & Biograph 1906 H71525’. Intertitle: ‘A Trout Fishing Trip To The Rangeley Lakes. Copyrighted 1906, BY THE A...
3) 0150.0001 Lucerne, Maine
1. Actuality: Tozier's winter sports party 1928, 1929' with Dupont Pathe 12 stock. Decorated frame shots, Lucerne Hotel, train, fishing. (Dupont Pathe 29 stock). Six or so men p...
3) 0155.0005 [Kodascope excerpts: Felix the Cat]
Collection formerly called 'Seavey Collection' Felix the Cat escapes from a fisherman, a crocodile, a fish, a bear and a big bird Also, some footage of men photographing themsel...
10) 0226.0001 Unknown
Slapstick comedy with intertitles. Very loose plot. Title: 'Hazel Sruggs-reads love stories in a hammock and neglects chores.' Hazel in hammock reading, man fishing (Basil de Po...
5) 0286.0001 [H.D. Sheldon--home movies]
Amateur footage including 'Christmas at Henry's 1928', Vermont and Denmark scenes. // NHF cataloguer's notes: Man on beach in striped bathing suit setting up beach umbrella. Man...
30) 0293 Venture in Mission to Maine
Community service issues in Maine and their relationship to Maine Diocese. Opening includes discussion at Blaine House by Governor Joseph Brennan and others. Their voices accomp...
12) 0307 cat. 0005-01-WABI-57 Eisenhower Speaks at Dow AFB, Bangor
Bangor: Eisenhower gives a short speech and receives a fly rod as a gift. Shots of Eisenhower, Air Force 1 airplane on the ground and departure. Ref. 300.
18) 0307 cat. 0005-02-WABI-57 Governor Edmund S. Muskie Inauguration
Augusta: Edmund S. Muskie is sworn in as governor of Maine and gives a speech on the future of Maine: the economy, natural resources, fishing industry, etc. Ref. 300.
50) 0307 cat. 1001-08-WABI-53 First Salmon to Dwight D. Eisenhower
Washington, D.C.: Presentation of year's first salmon by Walter D. to President Eisenhower including the pair in the Oval Office, outside the White House, the Capitol, and other...
14) 0315 cat.0010-03-WABI-60 Open Bangor Salmon Pool
Bangor: A few men fishing at the Penobscot Salmon club. Scenes include the club sign, men with fishing gear, men rowing and fishing. (neg. of 1007-10-WABI-60)
5) 0322 cat.1007-10-WABI-60 Open Bangor Salmon Pool
Bangor: Fishing at Penobscot Salmon Club including club sign, men leaving with fishing gear, rowing out in water, and fishing. (pos. of 0010-03-WABI-60)
22) 0323 cat. 1008-07-WABI-60 Fishing East Coast
Fishing scene including men in small boat fishing on body of water and at bottom of falls, mountains in background, reeling fish in.
13) 0341 cat. 0027-10-WABI-61 Pleasant River
Fishermen at Pleasant River talk to game warden and display their catches. Also shots of river.
36) 0343 cat. 0030-01-WABI-61 Bass Fishing on Kenduskeag
Spectators watch man fish for bass.
15) 0355 cat. 1021-19-WABI-62 World's Largest Lobster Trap
Shots of the record-setting trap containing a girl petting a giant lobster and smiling, as it is lifted by a crane.
16) 0363 cat. 0045-02-WABI-62 Ice Fishing Hopkins
Fishermen on frozen lake set traps for ice fishing. An airplane sits near them.
17) 0373 cat. 1023-02-WABI-62 [Fishing on Kenduskeag Stream]
Bangor: Man wearing Beacon Motors jacket fishing with rod from bridge over Kenduskeag Stream as people watch. LS of him casting, MS of line going into water, MS of him holding u...
18) 0379 cat. 1027-08-WABI-63 Hopkins Pond Ice Fishing
George Hale on an ice fishing expedition with a group of men. Shots include snowmobile, cutting ice with manual auger, a fish on the snow, setting the traps, MS of men talking, ...
8) 0382 cat. 0071-27-WABI-63 Fishing
People fishing from sailboat display their fish, and men walk around the pier.
20) 0390 cat. 0067-08-WABI-63 Electro Fishing
Fishing with a generator powered rod. Shots include a man using the rod in shallow water, other fishermen scooping fish with nets, fish following the rod, generator.
2) 0401 cat. 0080-09-WABI-64 Sportsman's Show
Bangor: Bangor Auditorium show including boat, cars, rifles, fishing gear, duck decoys, and a pool with a canoe.
15) 0411 cat. 0083-02-WABI-64 Fishing Trip
Fishing trip including cooking fish, storing fish, and the campground.
23) 0415 cat. 0083-06-WABI-64 Fishing Derby
Fishing derby including people in boat and onshore, holding up catches.
9) 0432 cat. 1044-07-WABI-65 Brook Trout Farm
Men fishing.
19) 0615 cat. 1030-01-WABI-63 [Leavitt on Salmon Fishing at East Grand Lake]
Date from edge code on film. // Bud Leavitt speaks to camera from a wharf on East Grand Lake near Canada regarding area salmon fishing. He interviews two fishermen working in ba...
23) 0660.0002 Blue Hill Class Reel 2
Date from edge code on film. // Pekinese dogs on lawn. Asian girl, about 5 years old, gestures, dressed in robe. Waters flowers. Goose. Boy does somersault on lawn, plays in spr...;Three Pekinese dogs on the lawn. Pekinese and Pekinese puppies playing tug-a-war with a person off screen. Close up shots of the dogs. An Asian woman and little girl. Shot of th...
27) 0661.0001 Canoeing in Maine
Actuality. Horse drawn carriage and wagon carrying canoes down carriage road through woods as men walk behind. Shot of river bank and logs floating in water. Carriage and wagon ...
8) 0691.0001 [Mahlon Walsh--home movies] Reel 1
Amateur: two men using two-horse plow. Flowers and birdbath. Lengthy segment of person in beekeeping clothing using bee sprayer or smoker. Lupine flowers. Poorly focused flower ...
6) 0697.0006 [Goodman--home movies] Lobstering with Stan Meserve
Man and boys wearing and carrying fishing gear on pier. Stacked lobster traps. Man wears boots turned down. Buddy Goodman? in stern of boat. Shot taken from behind Stan Meserve...
35) 0715.PC113 Enfield Fish Tagging
No description available
31) 0720 Ice Fishing
No description available
32) 0720 cat. 5431-07-WCSH-82 Maldiver Fishing Boat
No description available
33) 0737.0004 [Abbott family--home movies] Reel 4
River. Mountains. Women in flapper hat, her profile, reeling in fish. Shots of boats. Young boy holding up fish strung onto stick. Family in woods. Cooking fish in large iron pa...
34) 0739.0001 Quiet Frontier
Promotional documentary about the livability of the Bangor, Maine area, showing Bangor during the four seasons, sailing sloops, fall colors, snowmobile trips, trout fishing and ...
34) 0759.0010 [Margaret Cummings Bean--home movies] Reel 10
1941, spring fishing, Norm Sweat with fish, Aunty Elliot, ? hose, some fire, low water, log cabin. '1941, fishing, Norm Sweat with fish, Aunty, Elliot with line, fire, low water...;Cars parked by a lake. A man. A dog. Houses. A man (Norm Sweat) holding a fish. A child on a playground. A purple lilac bush. Water and shoreline. Rowboats on the beach, one wit...
20) 0791.PC3-.PC4 Sardines from Maine: Downeast Style
Information on Maine sardine: Catching, processing, cooking and serving Maine sardines for picnics, lunches, dinners.;On can PC3: Sardines From Maine Downeast Style M-1424 On leader PC3: Bureau of Commercial Fisheries...
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