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1) 1000.0027 Jo's Bed-Sty Barbers Shop Reel 1
Jo’s Bed-Sty Barbers Shop Reel 1;A copy of 'Joe's Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads', an independent film by Spike Lee, produced as his master's thesis for the Tisch School of the Arts.
23) 1450.0001 Timothy's Quest
Drama : Timothy and Lady Gay (two children) escape from the city slums and head for the country. Taken in by a spinster and her servant. They are harsh at first but repent and a...
32) 1823.0011 Miscellaneous [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 11
Label on box: 'Wesselhoft [?] at Lowell St., Bill & Peter' ;Short clip of two women in period dress fighting. (Clip from ‘The Spanish Dancer’, 1923) Cut to three boys climbing a tree. Children playing. A child riding a large dog. [End of...
4) 1823.0012 [Cinegraph Previews] Reel 12
Kodak 'Cinegraph Previews' reel. Clips from: 'The Milky Way', 'Grass', 'Behind the Front', 'The Spanish Dancer';Intertitle: 'These scenes from Kodak Cinegraphs, new releases each month, may be purchased out-right from Cine-Kodak dealers.' 'Daffy Doings in Doodlebugville, The Milky-Way, Pr...
31) 2716.0085 Summer Solstice
Henry Fonda; Myrna Loy; Stephen Collins; Lindsay Crouse; Marcus Smythe; Christopher Childs; Thomas Ruisinger; Jo Henderson; P.J. Hussey; Patricia Elliott in a feature film set i...;BBIC X1686 Summer Solstice International Dub Master (English);Henry Fonda's last acting role.;In the studio Henry Fonda, Myrna Loy, Stephen Collins, Lindsay Crouse, Marcus Smythe, Christopher Childs, Thomas Ruisinger, Jo Henderson, P.J. Hussey, Michael Simmons, Elisa Era...
2) 2716.0341 Family Works - Last Ferry Home
Family Works; Last Ferry Home; X5891; WCVB code Family Works 1;A Christopher Reeves made for TV movie. A Boston architect returns home to the family farm on Martha’s Vineyard to help his parents during a health and financial crisis. Reeves ...;Credits: Cast: Bill Turner – Christopher Reeve; Sam Turner – Josef Sommer; Sally Turner – Roxanne Hart; Anne Turner – Lois Smith; Danny Turner – Billy L. Sullivan; Ben Chang – M...
7) 2716.0347 Family Works - Reunion
Family Works X6216; Family Works! Reunion; rec date: 7.29.93 X6217 Fam. Wks Intermittent Erratic Tracking wk/VTR 9/17/93;Includes 10 and 30 second promos. Slate: “Reunion Show Rec. 7/15/93 Prod. Kirschenbaum Editor: Ellard”. A family reunion celebration of the McCullah Wasson family near Springfie...;Credits: with Ned Beatty; Produced & Written By: Jerry Kirschenbaum; Videography: David Killicorn; Field Sound: Jim Fripp; Coordinating Producer: Mary Lockhart; Edited By: Debbi...
24) 2716.0348 Family Works - Matties Waltz
Master; Family Works; Matties Waltz; X6015;Slate: “Mattie’s Waltz Local Master Edit Date 9/2/92 Editor: Doyle Producer: Schulman Air Date: TBA TRT 28:27”. Mattie deals with the return of her ex-husband, who abandoned her...;Credits: Directed by: Jerry Kirschenbaum; Producer: Andrew Schulman; Executive Producer: Elizabeth Cheng; Mattie: Michael Learned; George: Edward Asner; Clyde: John Cullum; Youn...
18) 2716.1365 Pearl - Part 2
Fictionalized and dramatized version of the activities of those at Pearl Harbor on Sunday, December 7, 1941, during the day of the Japanese attack, including the Japanese comman...;Credits: Credits: Also Starring: Finger – Christian Vance and Patricia – Mary Frances Crosby; With Cerutti – David Elliot and Lieutenant – Chip Lucia; Danny Nagata – Mike Miyash...;X2264 Pearl Rec Date: 11/27/82
22) 2716.1371 Rites of Passage - Specials - Rachel's Dinner
Specials X527 Local Version Rachel's Dinner Rec. 6/91 Air. 6/25/91;Slate: “Rachel’s Dinner director: Kirschenbaum local(WCVB) version Post Production 6/5/91”. Made for tv movie starring Olympia Dukakis. Over the course of a family dinner, famil...;Credits: Starring Olympia Dukakis; Written By: William Patrick; Produced By: Susan Bredhof-Cohen, Jerry Kirschenbaum; Directed By: Jerry Kirschenbaum; Cast: Rachel – Olympia Duk...
11) 2716.1491 Use Your Smarts - Breaking the Ice
Master Use Your Smarts X4957 Breaking the Ice Rec. 9/26/88 Air. 11/1/88;Title: “Use Your Smarts”, “”Breaking The Ice””. A boy who figure skates is bullied by the high school hockey team. ;Credits: The Cast: Paul – Paul Wiley, Brian – Jonathan Niles, Suzanne – Carolyn Kaufman; The Cast: Ritchie – Johnny D’Agostino, Neally – Sam Jordan, Coach – John Butler; Directe...
12) 2716.1596 Young People Special - Westward Wagons
Dub;A boy and his parents travel west by wagon. ;Credits: Westward Wagons; Old Man – Lincoln Holms, Boy – Jimmy Regensburger, Father – Dolan Ellis, Mother – Joan Silberschlag; With Bob Bradshaw, Elizabeth Davis, Walter Duncan,...
19) 2716.1598 Focus on AIDS: 24 Hours in the City
Master 24 hrs Focus on AIDS X5937 AIDS Special rec. 4/24/92 black w/code;A one-hour special looking at the effect of the AIDS epidemic on minority communities, youth, and sex workers, in the Boston area. Discussion of education and outreach programs....;Credits: Produced By: Karl Nurse; Written By: Stephen Hemingway; Narrated By: Jim Spruill; Contributing Producers: Laura Brown, Karen Holmes, Valerie Navy; Videographer: John Ro...
18) 2716.1608 A Matter of Principal
Master Specials A Matter of Principal X5446 Air. 4/11/90 closed-captioned;Title: ‘A Matter of Principle’. Fictional made-for-tv movie about an elementary school principal dealing with drug dealers and threats to close the school.;Credits: Staring Loretta Swit, Ricardo Pitts-Wiley, Cheryl Alexander, Alexis Cruz, Tom Kemp, Alison Wachtler, Luis Lopez, James Spruill, Nefertiti Burton; Music by Musitech Prod...
5) 2716.1756 The Cheats
Master X5188 Stereo Closed Captioned Programing The Cheats Rec: 3/27/89;Title: “The Cheats”. Fictional story of teenage girls who steal the answers to an exam, and must deal with the consequences.;Credits: The Cheats; Starring: Daphne Maxwell Reid, Heather McAdam, Dana Behr, Elsie Hilario, Christine Langer, Caroline Bicks, Dossy Peabody, June Lion Levenson, James Huston, ...
16) 2716.1767 Fighting For Life: The War Against AIDS
Master Fighting for Life: War on AIDS X4517 Too Little Too Late Reel 2 of 2 time: 54:25;Title: “Fighting For Life: The War Against AIDS”. Dr. Timothy Johnson and Mary Richardson introduce the film ‘Too Little Too Late”. The film features families talking about losi...;Credits: “Too Little Too Late”; Producer/Director: Micki Dickoff; Director of Photography: Tony Pagano; Sound Engineer: Chris Mehl; Editor: Micki Dickoff; Associate Producer: Ch...
15) 2716.1782 Specials - Why I Came to America
Master X2769 Why I came to America Air Master - Specials Air: 7/4/83 9:30 - 10:30;Title: “Why I Came to America”. Joe Kennedy (Joseph P. Kennedy II) hosts a special that tells the stories of several immigrant families. Includes interviews with members of the ...;Credits: Produced by: Janice Davis Marson; Associate Producer: Nancy J. Swartz, Project Consultant: Margaret King Van Duyne; Principle Photography: Ed Dadulak; Sound: Ellen Boyc...
10) 2716.4231 Metromedia Playhouse - Blind Alleys
Master X3708 Series Title: Metromedia Playhouse Program Title: Blind Alley Rec. Date 8/2/85;World premiere, Blind Alleys: Cloris Leachman (Fran) tells a story of meeting Pat Morita (Kenji). There is a montage of black and white photos of the story interplaying along wi...
13) 2716.4524 Good Luck Mr. Robinson #2117
60-min High Energy Good Luck Mr. Robinson Tape Reel #24 7 Closed Breaks 60:00 8/24/79 67503A;Slate: “8-2-79 60:00 Good Luck Mr. Robinson Boston Broadcasters Inc. WCVB-TV 5”. Duane Jones plays Mitch Robinson, a high school vice principle dealing with a stressful job, fam...;Credits: Good Luck Mr. Robinson with Dr. Timothy Johnson; produced & directed by William Hansard; associate producer: Nancy Balzer; written by Jim Kay; edited by Dave Teixeira; ...;Duane Jones (1937-1988) is best known for playing Ben in ‘Night of the Living Dead’ (1968). He passed away from a heart attack at age 51.
15) 2716.4556 Mass Bowling Assoc. "B=Game for all Seasons"
16mm color transfer, Oct 1958; Watson Film Productions, 23 Chestnut Hill Rd., Holden, MA James L. Watson Film Productions 23 Chestnut Hill Road Holden MA Oct. 1958 22 min Mass ...;Title: “Game for All Ages”. Shots of people candlepin bowling. Discussion of the history, equipment, rules and technique of bowling, given in voiceover. Footage of the pin setti...;Credits: The Massachusetts Bowling Association (in conjunction with the bowling associations of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont) Presents; Game For All Ages; Produced and Direc...
11) 2993.0021 [Bob Burnham--commercial films] Reel 21
Comedies Kid playing piano Jerry on the Job Walt Lauty New Monia Charlie Chaplin Ended in Midstream End
22) 3005.0004 "Way Down East" (Clip)
"WAY DOWN EAST" (CLIP) Exaltation #1 BU
5) 3005.0008 Stagecoach R-1
Stagecoach R-1
8) 3005.0009 Stagecoach 2 of 3
Stagecoach 2 of 3
25) 3005.0010 Stagecoach R 3
Stagecoarch R3
2) 3005.0011 Carousel Reel: 1 of 4
F-90690 C-1 CAROUSEL Reel: 1 of 4 The Pennsylvania Public Libraries Film Center
27) 3005.0012 Carousel Reel: 2 of 4
F-90690 C-1 CAROUSEL Reel: 2 of 4 The Pennsylvania Public Libraries Film Center
4) 3005.0014 Carousel Reel: 4 of 4
F-90690 C-1 CAROUSEL Reel: 4 of 4 The Pennsylvania Public Libraries Film Center
3) 3005.0016 Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web
30) 3005.0017 Quiet Man R 1 of 4
"Quiet Man" R 1 of 4
1) 3005.0018 "Quiet Man" R 2 of 4
Quiet Man Part 1-2 "Quiet Man" R 2 of 4
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