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5) 0240.0001 Maine Goes to the Tangerine Bowl
Documentary on the University of Maine football team playing East Carolina State University at the Tangerine Bowl in Florida. Behind the scenes pre-game practice, visit to home ...
19) 0293 [unidentified--home movies]
Amateur. Dated 9-29-1966 on package. Woman bowling, man bowling, shot from front. CU face, CU bowling pins. Elderly couple: man plays fiddle in parlor, woman plays piano. Anothe...
4) 0318 cat. 0012-12-WABI-59 New York Giants
New York Giants football game against Green Bay Packers. Shots of touchdowns, crowd, field, bench, coach, Miss Maine Vacationland, and Miss Maine.
4) 0325 cat. 0018-04-WABI-60 UM Football Squad
Shots of UM 1960 Football squad include players executing ball snaps and passes, lining up, and coaches.
5) 0334 cat. 0025-01-WABI-61 Football: Connecticut vs. University of Maine
Orono: The Pit at University of Maine. Reunion of 1951 UM football team. Shots of ex-players, head table, speeches, awards. Football game on the field.
6) 0341 cat. 0027-05-WABI-61 UM Football Squad
UM football team poses and executes some practice plays.
8) 0343 cat. 0029-03-WABI-60 Pop Warner Football
Football game between B.R.O. and Hinckley's. Shots of play, coaches, majorettes, cheerleaders, WABI camera.
8) 0343 cat. 0029-17-WABI-61 Bangor Football Squad
Bangor: Local high school football squad demonstrates plays.
24) 0344 cat. 0027-19-WABI-61 Aerial Traffic Spotters
Police use small plane to spot traffic violators. Shots of plane taking off, flying by, aerial view of road, pilots in cockpit, police officer in patrol car, UM football field.
56) 0345 cat. 0032-02-WABI Football Team
Unidentified football team practicing and posing for the camera. George Hale interviewing coach John B.
9) 0347 cat. 1010-08-WABI-61 Univ. of Maine and Connecticut Football
Orono: Team reunion in 'The Pit' at UM including players standing and seated, speeches, award presentation, and game played on the field.
21) 0354 cat. 0047-11-WABI-62 University of Maine ROTC
Recruits ceremony on football field including bleachers, band, marching, flag bearers, award presentation.
13) 0356 cat. 0048-10-WABI-62 John Bapst Football Team
Team demonstrating plays, drilling, calisthenics. Also coaches.
15) 0366 cat. 0052-11-WABI-62 UM Coach Westivan
George Hale interview with football coach Harold Westivan regarding the coming season.
22) 0366 cat. 0052-12-WABI-62 UM Football Team
Introduction of 1962 team including LS and MS of players posing, MS of players demonstrating positions, MS of coaches.
16) 0372 cat. 1023-07-WABI-62 UM Coach Westivan
Interview of UM football coach Harold 'Westy' Westivan by George Hale regarding upcoming season.
66) 0372 cat. 1026-01-WABI-62 [Maine Maritime Academy Coach Interview]
Interview of Dave Wiggins by WABI reporter George Hale regarding rest of football season, Canadian vs. American rules, etc.
1) 0375 cat. 0073-01-WABI-63 John F. Kennedy at UMaine
Empty football stadium at University of Maine, Orono fills with people. President John F. Kennedy arrives by helicopter and is escorted to the platform on the football field. LS...
19) 0375 cat. 0073-01-WABI-63 John F. Kennedy at UMaine
Empty football stadium at University of Maine, Orono fills with people. President John F. Kennedy arrives by helicopter and is escorted to the platform on the football field. LS...
17) 0385 cat. 0068-03-WABI-63 Preparations for John F. Kennedy at Univ. of Maine and Dow Air Force Base
Preparation for arrival of JFK at base and at UM. Shots of WABI setting up equipment, football field, helicopters coming.
24) 0390 cat. 0067-04-WABI-63 Maine vs. Rhode Island Football Game
Game highlights, cheerleaders, mascot.
32) 0390 cat. 0067-06-WABI-63 Maine Maritime Academy Football Team
Players and coaches, players practicing and demonstrating positions, fieldhouse.
32) 0390 cat. 0067-07-WABI-63 UM Football Players
Team shots include posing, the photographers, players demonstrating their positions, practice, UM Black Bear Statue.
25) 0390 cat. 0067-10-WABI-63 Bangor High School Football
Bangor: Team poses, then individual players pose and demonstrate their positions. Also shots of practice and coaches.
23) 0390 cat. 0067-11-WABI-63 Brewer High School Football Team
Team poses, demonstrates plays, and practices on a blocking dummy. Also shots of coaches.
26) 0391 cat. 1028-17-WABI-63 Bangor-Brewer Game
Football game highlights including Rams live mascot, cheerleaders, scoreboard with 'Home 12 -- Visitors 2' in third quarter.
30) 0393 cat. 0068-19-WABI-63 John Bapst Football
Team and players pose, then demonstrate their positions. Also shots of coaches.
29) 0393 cat. 0068-21-WABI-63 UM Football
Highlights of game against unidentified opponent.
30) 0393 cat. 0068-22-WABI-63 Little League [Football]
Little League football game.
33) 0393 cat. 0068-23-WABI-63 UM Football
Band and twirlers perform at football game.
31) 0393 cat. 0069-01-WABI-63 University of Maine Football
UM moving ball down field.
32) 0401 cat. 0080-05-WABI-64 Spring Football
Spring football training including coach directing players in passing and blocking drills on field. MS and LS of action, field house, stands.
24) 0403 cat. 1038-04-WABI-64 Cousy and George Gonyer
Newport: Interview with basketball star Bob Cousy at town's 100th Anniversary celebration regarding his being a coach now instead of a player, his trip behind the Iron Curtain, ...
34) 0415 cat. 0083-08-WABI-64 UM Field Meet
Football scrimmage including plays, coaches on sidelines.
35) 0431 cat. 0039-09-WABI-60 Bath vs. Crosby Football Game
Highlights of game including touchdowns.
10) 0431 cat. 1014-02-WABI-61 UM Football Team
Shots of individual players posing and running for passes, and MCU of coaches.
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