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1) 0856 [Bozo Show segment]
A sound segment from the Bozo Show, with Mike Dolley as Bozo and Bob Woodbury as Ringmaster Bob on the occasion of Woodbury's 26th birthday (26 January 1962).
9) 0856 [Fairview Wine advertisement]
Studio commercial for Fairview Wine, a product of Gardiner (Me.) by John Eaton, a newsman and announcer.
3) 0856 [camera test]
A silent camera test taken at the Bangor House with Bob Woodbury, his daughter Linda, and wife Marion.
1) 0856.PC3 [news story]
Bob Woodbury in the WABI studio in front of a fireplace set, interviewing Mel Parnell, pitcher for the Red Sox, Boston baseball team, up to 1956. Parnell is promoting radio broa...
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