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1) 0158.0001 The Ladies Travel South, 1928--Edward Farrington Abbott--home movies. Reel 1
'Cushman southern No. 1' ;First of four reels on a trip to the South. NHF cataloguer's notes, 1/96: (10 min.) 'The Ladies Travel South, a four reel picture of scenes from Pinehurst, N.C. to the Mississip...
7) 0158.0007 Maine family activities--Edward Farrington Abbott--home movies. Reel 7
Amateur footage. NHF cataloguer's notes, 1/96: (20 min.) Augusta, Me. State House. Lisbon Street, Lewiston. Mill. River. Pan to bridge. Waterfall, dam. 'Bowdoin Pines.' Pan of t...
3) 0309 cat. 0007-03-WABI-60 Woodman Lumber Fire
A very large fire at a lumber mill. Shots of fire fighters at the fire and extensive damage. Brewer fire fighters. Ref. 300.
24) 0323 cat. 0017-15-WABI-60 Groundbreaking at Emple Knitting Mill
Brewer : Young boy performs groundbreaking at mill while older men look on.
5) 0339 cat. 1010-04-WABI-61 Mrs. John Reed at Old Town
Old Town: Mrs. Reed's visit including Dunegan Woolen Mills, Inc., standing by a Freight Ways truck, signing Blaine House address on package, package being loaded on truck which ...
6) 0341 cat. 0027-01-WABI-61 Mrs. Reed at Old Town
Old Town: Governor John Reed's wife visits Dunegan Woolen Mills, Inc. She stands by a truck and writes the address of the Blaine House on a package, which is loaded onto the truck.
7) 0453.0021 [East Division of Standard Packaging to Slow Down Production]
Label: 'East Division of Standard Packaging to Slow Down Production.' // Truck arriving at gate of Eastern Fine Paper mill in Brewer. Sign: 'Eastern Fine Paper and Pulp Division...
54) 0657 cat. 5271-01-NHFC-88 Sins of Our Mothers: The Story of Emeline
Story of young 19th century woman believed to have inadvertently married her own son. NHF distributes this title to institutions; it is also available through Reference by Mail....
21) 0666 [Technicolor Logging]
Produced in 1983, contains footage appearing to be from the 1920s through the 1960s. // Steam log hauling through snow. Old car. Pan of logging area. Steam log hauling. Rolling ...
54) 0669.0001 King Spruce
Logging film including axe sharpening, chopping trees, horse pulling logs, Lombard log hauler, rolling logs with Peaveys, men going to lunch, cutting ice, bulldozer, boat, boom,...
3) 0688.0001 Granite State Sampler, The
One side of disc is still images, the other side is moving images. Includes NHF archival footage of ice harvesting ('Cutting Ice,' 1943). ONSITE REFERENCE ONLY. Jacket notes as ...
2) 0696.0002 [Bucksport Mill footage] NHF Reel 2
NHF notes: Footage of the construction of the Maine Seaboard Paper Company mill in Bucksport, Maine. Appears to be professionally shot. Includes shots of construction site on w...
9) 0696.0011 [E.H. Maxcy--home movies]
NHF viewing notes as follows. Reel notes in quotes. 5511-02 '9/1931' 100 ft. More swimming. Ocean, pool with harbor in background including four-masted vessel. Bucksport Mill vi...
15) 0709 [Interviews with Albert 'Hap' Collins] Tape 5
Dated August 11, 1988. Interview with aged South Blue Hill boatbuilder, painter, fiddler and carpenter. Includes shingle mill and sawmill.
32) 0712.0001 [Forrest Colby--home movies] Summer logging
Can/box note: 'Pulpwood drive.' NHF cataloguer's notes: 00:50 Camp in summer, long pan of log buildings. Horse crosses, pulling travois-type sled with box on it. Man walks behin...
19) 0719 Places of Interest in the Bucksport Area
Dated Spring 1989. Student film of Bucksport sites of historical and other interest. Old postcards showing Bucksport Main Street, bridge, boy pumping water, old buildings, railr...
1) 0726.0006 [unidentified--home movies] Reel 6
NHF cataloguer's notes (reel numbers are NHF-assigned): Reel 6: Country scenes. Small-town American Legion Parade. Mountains. Lakes. Beach scenes. Same family (as in earlier ree...
31) 0726.0008 [unidentified--home movies] Reel 8
NHF cataloguer's notes (reel numbers are NHF-assigned): Reel 8: Circus. Zoo. Mountain scenes. A small-town parade. Four-masted schooner 'Seth Parker' open to the public. Isl...
4) 0808 Log Jam
Follows the annual drive of the St. Regis Paper Company on Maine's Machias River from the woods to the mill. // St. Regis became Champion International Corporation.
6) 0832 Mt. Washington Valley
Mt. Chocorua, Saco River, Ellis River, Pinkham Notch, Crawford Notch. Mt. Washington Weather Station, Mt. Washington Hotel, Mt. Washington Valley. White Mountain National Forest...
51) 0836.0010 [Wildlife Birds]
Donor's titles in quotes: 'Wild Life Birds (surplus film 1963).' // Box captions: 'Wildlife--Birds--surplus film taken on river Sept 1963--original film. B.' // Scenery, marshes...
28) 0836.0052 Pictures of Pulp Mills on the Pacific Coast
Title on film: 'Pictures of Pulp Mills on the Pacific Coast taken by E.P. Cook and B.T. Larrabee November 1940.' // Slight perf and edge damage. // List of scenes in collection ...
2) 0964.0003 The Stud Mill Story
Features the particular operations involved in producing wooden studs. (Print no. 7, 15 min. running time.)
4) 0964.0005 - 0964.00027 ['Light Coated Quality' and other titles]
Collection-level description of video footage: promotional works such as 'Light Coated Quality' about technology and processes used in the forest products industry, instruction ...
25) 1190 [Jay Strike footage]
Approx. 120 hours of factual footage documenting events surrounding the International Paper Company strike in Jay, which lasted seventeen months. Includes scenes of press confer...
26) 1191 cat. 1105-21-WABI-68 Warren Cookson Discusses Lincoln Mill Reactivation
No description available
34) 1191 cat. 1105-22-WABI-68 Lincoln Development Chief Describes Bonds for Mill Financing
No description available
28) 1191 cat. 1107-23-WABI-68 Brewer Stanpack Fund Raising Reaches Crucial Point
No description available
29) 1191 cat. 1108-06-WABI-68 Fund-Raising Center for Stan-Pack Mill Reopening Begins Operations in Brewer
No description available
30) 1191 cat. 1108-15-WABI-68 Lincoln Workers Optimistic Over Mill Reopening
No description available
31) 1191 cat. 1109-08-WABI-68 Earle Stevens Urges Citizens to Join Bond Drive
No description available
32) 1191 cat. 1109-14-WABI-68 Curtis Optimistic Brewer Bond Drive Will Succeed
No description available
33) 1191 cat. 1109-15-WABI-68 Frank Knight Talks on Mill Situation to Bangor Rotary
No description available
34) 1191 cat. 1109-21-WABI-68 Frank Knight on Eve of Brewer Cut-Off Date
No description available
1) 1192.0001 Story of Wood in the Northeast, The
Date from edge code on original film. // Film returned to donor after transfer, 02/1989. // Original material has base scratches throughout, first 20 feet of film were heavily d...
2) 1192.0002 Story of Wood in the Northeast, The (Damaged Titles)
Date from edge code on original film. // Heavily damaged portion of beginning of film. Was not returned with rest of original film to donor for unknown reasons. // This portion ...
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