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47) 0041.0001 Health and Welfare
Various commercials: Rabies (4), Eye care (1), Dental Health (3), 'Love is Not Enough-Immunization (5).
2) 0102.0001 Health and Welfare
Commercial on Eyecare.
3) 0113.PC3 Health and Welfare
Commercial, Immunization.
22) 0113.PC4 Health and Welfare
24) 0113.PC6 Blue Cross Blue Shield, Lineman
30 sec. spot.
6) 0114.PC6 Blue Cross Blue Shield, Lineman
No description available
35) 0115.PC5 Blue Cross Blue Shield, lineman
No description available
3) 0116.PC4 Blue Cross Blue Shield, Logger
No description available
1) 0116.PC5 Associated Hospital, Lobsterman
60 sec. TV spot.
6) 0117.PC2 Health and Welfare
Rabies, Commercial #1, 'David', 2 copies.
7) 0117.PC3 Health and Welfare
Rabies, Commercial #2, 'Raccoon,' 2 copies.
10) 0118.PC1 Health and Welfare
Rabies, Commercial #4, 'Dogs,' 2 copies.
27) 0127.0001 Blue Cross Blue Shield
No description available
14) 0128.0001 Blue Cross Blue Shield
No description available
3) 0141 [videotapes on religion, health, and education]
35 tapes from Acc. 0140-0142 moved from Blue Hill to NHF, 7/2002. Individual tapes identified when possible, otherwise labeled '0140-0142'. Various factual works with interviews...
12) 0143/0144.0002 [Robert M. Hume, Sr.--home movies] Reel 3: Health Parade
Box notes: 'Health Parade 1932 also E. Dover.' NHF cataloguer's notes: Children in parade, signs: Katahdin Ave. School, Eat Cereal, Eat Vegetab, Oxford St. Health Kingdom. Child...
21) 0183.0001 Diabetes: A Maine Perspective
Bernie Rosetti hosts a panel discussion about diabetes in Maine. Panelists are Pomeroy Sinnick (Project Director, Diabetes Control Project), Laura Bailey (Pine Tree Diabetes Ass...
18) 0293 Smoking Out/Maine
Dated 11-18-1986. Anti-smoking commercial. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
28) 0293 Smoking Out/Maine
Dated 11-18-86. Commercial with an anti-smoking theme. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
22) 0323 cat. 0017-14-WABI-60 Bangor Osteopathic Hospital
Bangor : Exterior and interior shots of Bangor Osteopathic Hospital.
42) 0326 cat. 0016-02-WABI-60 New Hospital Wing
Ribbon cutting ceremony for new wing of eastern Maine hospital. Shots of new wing exterior, crowd at ribbon cutting, tour of wing's five x-ray rooms, lobby, hallways.
26) 0340 cat. 1010-06-WABI-61 Bozo in Presque Isle
Presque Isle: Bozo's visit to Presque Isle Community Center including interior and exterior of building, crowd waiting, stage, introduction of Bozo, his talking to children and ...
25) 0341 cat. 0026-14-WABI Bangor State Hospital
Bangor: State hospital tour including patients, crowds, rooms, hallways, activity areas, cafeteria.
14) 0344 cat. 0027-16-WABI-61 Holden Accident
Interviews with spectators gathered around overturned car. Ambulance arrives and police direct traffic.
23) 0352 cat. 1019-20-WABI-62 St. Joseph's Hospital Groundbreaking
Event including nuns and priests offering blessings. Using incense.
12) 0354 cat. 1020-27-WABI-62 Bangor State Hospital
Bangor: Open house including visitors, medication price chart, patient's room.
29) 0357 cat. 1022-03-WABI-62 Polio--EMG Hospital
Press conference in which man speaks to reporters.
28) 0358 cat. 0049-13-WABI-62 Sight Mobile
Maine Sight Mobile Eye Clinic sponsored by the Lion's Club.
34) 0358 cat. 0049-14-WABI-62 Polio Vaccine
Vaccine distribution to school children including women pouring it into cups for waiting children, children and adults drinking it.
34) 0360 cat. 0050-10-WABI-62 Polio Vaccine at Bangor High School
Bangor: Women distribute cups of vaccine to line of waiting students.
31) 0363 cat. 0044-12-WABI-62 Osteopathic Hospital
Tour of the new wing of the James A. Taylor Osteopathic Hospital. Sign, patient rooms, lobby, cafeteria, scale model.
13) 0364 cat. 0050-13-WABI-62 Bozo at Lincoln
Lincoln: Bozo's entertaining of children including his running entrance, CU speaking at microphone, at Lincoln Hospital with child patients, in front of Workman Hospital, and wi...
14) 0364 cat. 0050-14-WABI-62 St. Joseph's Hospital Groundbreaking
Groundbreaking including nuns and priests at blessing of site, speeches by priests and others, incense ceremony.
14) 0374 cat. 1026-07-WABI-62 Osteopathic Hospital
Tour of James A. Taylor Hospital's new wing including patient rooms, lobby, cafeteria, scale model, sign.
35) 0378 cat. 0061-14-WABI-63 St. Joseph's Hospital Construction
Construction including highway, men with equipment, construction sign, men working.
17) 0380 cat. 0062-18-WABI-63 Sebasticook Valley Hospital
Dedication ceremony including Reed speaking and cutting ribbon, and a tour of the rooms and facilities.
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