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17) 0068.PC1 Dan Duryea on National Guard
No description available
16) 0284.0016 [Meyer Davis--home movies] Reel 16
'Mother Davis' with young girl and on swing. Pierre clowning with two ladies, nurse brings a baby out to a couple. Two children playing by the lake and roasting hot dogs, marshm...
61) 0293 [UMA Panel -- Kurt Vonnegut]
4) 0300 cat. 5269-01-GOLF-23 Driver No. 1
Golfers demonstrate drives, putts, stymies and other shots in slow motion. ONSITE REFERENCE ONLY.
35) 0308 cat. 1002-01-WABI-60 Ralph Bellamy at Northeast Airlines
Interview with actor Ralph Bellamy by George Gonyer regarding theater strike. CUs of actors.
19) 0313 cat.0009-07-WABI-59 Ted Williams Jimmy Fund
Ted Williams arrives to sign autographs for local Pee-wee baseball teams and to help with his Jimmy fund event. Shots include band playing, performers, Williams speaking, crowds...
21) 0319 cat. 0013-12-WABI-59 [Joan Crawford at Dow Air Force Base]
Joan Crawford at opening ceremonies for Rudman Beverage Co., a new Pepsi-Cola factory in Maine. Her arrival at Dow Air Force Base on a Pepsi plane, her welcome by the crowd. She...
5) 0321 cat.0014-04-WABI Frontier Week
Frontier Week Celebration. Parade, fair, officials at lunch, Calais gun and rod club. Also a baseball game in which Ted Williams participates
26) 0323 cat. 0017-22-WABI-60 Garry Moore at Northeast Air
Garry Moore poses, signs autographs for people in crowd.
9) 0341 cat. 0027-09-WABI-61 Babe Ruth
Youth baseball game. Babe Ruth League. Hayford Field, Westside in Bangor, Maine. Possibly City Championship. Merrill Trust vs. Rusco.
4) 0354 cat. 1020-22-WABI-62 Bijou Theater
Bangor: Bijou Theater, crowd, sign for 'Cape Fear' with Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum.
29) 0402 cat. 1037-09-WABI-64 Macrae and Honan
Father Honan talks about Pierre Monteux's transfer of his immense musical and conducting knowledge to his students.
31) 0403 cat. 1037-18-WABI-64 Macrae and Honan
Father Honan gives tribute to Conductor Pierre Monteux. MCU of Honan.
14) 0403 cat. 1037-19-WABI-64 [Keep Maine Scenic Awards]
Award presentation in which Mrs. Daisy Smith and WABI Radio and Television win. Dick Bronson and Willard Scott are included.
21) 0403 cat. 1038-04-WABI-64 Cousy and George Gonyer
Newport: Interview with basketball star Bob Cousy at town's 100th Anniversary celebration regarding his being a coach now instead of a player, his trip behind the Iron Curtain, ...
36) 0413 cat. 0084-17-WABI-64 Macrae and Honan
Interview with Father Honan by Johnnie Macrae regarding late conductor Pierre Monteux's career including: Monteux's age at death, talent. greatness as conductor, stories about M...
35) 0413 cat. 0085-03-WABI-64 Cousy and George Gonyar
Newport: Basketball star Bob Cousy's visit to city Sesquicentennial including discussion of his switch to coaching, his trip behind the Iron Curtain, Russian vs. American athlet...
36) 0413 cat. 0085-04-WABI-64 Cousy at Newport
Newport: Basketball star Bob Cousy's trip to city including welcome by Governor Barrows and a committee, Cousy speaking at Armory before a game begins, Cousy shooting ball, game...
34) 0432 cat. 1045-02-WABI-65 Pierre Monteux Premiere
Tribute to conductor Pierre Monteux including a building, guests arriving, friends and fellow musicians.
26) 0435 cat. 1042-01-WABI-65 Monteux Remembered
Winterhaven: Tribute to musician and conductor Monteux narrated by his wife Doris from their home in Hancock County. Dick Bronson interviews Doris in flower garden, then living ...
21) 0435 cat. 1043-01-WABI-65 Monteux Remembered
Tribute to musician and conductor Pierre Monteux. Interview of his wife Doris by Dick Bronson regarding Memorial Library and Foundation, Monteux's feelings for Hancock and Maine...
15) 0439 cat. 1018-08-WABI-66 Bangor Visited by Virginia Graham
Bangor: Television personality's visit including greeting at Rotary Club, WABI interview, signing of something, talking with fans.
34) 0439 cat. 1048-04-WABI-66 Dennis Weaver at Lakewood
Interview of Dennis Weaver by Channel 5 at Lakewood where he is starring in 'Catch Me if You Can.' MS and Ls of Weaver and the marquis.
18) 0439 cat. 1048-17-WABI-66 Moscow Sesquicentennial
Moscow: Parade including floats, cheerleaders, marching bands, fire trucks, television personality Virginia Graham, man dressed as hillbilly being thrown into truck.
12) 0446 cat. 1049-01-WABI-66 Virginia Graham Interview
Interview with Woman of the Year Virginia Graham regarding her experiences as an author, actress, mother, grandmother, her education, youth, morals, and talk show called 'Girl T...
22) 0449 cat. 1053-22-WABI-67 Jesse Owens at Union Street High School
Bangor: Owens talks with people sitting at tables.
27) 0450 cat. 1057-01-WABI-67 Guy Lombardo at Bangor Auditorium
Bangor: Performance including MS of Lombardo and individual band members.
28) 0453 cat. 1061-14-WABI-67 Frankie Fontaine
Reporter at Bangor Auditorium lawn with Mallet Brothers playing in the background (see 1060-08-WABI-67). Frankie Fontaine takes the stage and performs a version of a story about...
33) 0559 cat. 1015-20-WABI-61 Truman's Birthday
President Harry Truman's birthday party including speeches, handshaking, cake, singing, and Jack Benny(?).
27) 0577 cat.1014-07-WABI [Frontier Week]
Celebration including St. Stephens (Canada), Milltown, and Calais including: parade and fair, official lunch, baseball game, Calais Gun and Rod Club, Ted Williams
7) 0625 cat. 1018-19-WABI-63 Carl Sandburg's 85th Birthday
Scenes from poet's birthday party, including MLS of Sandburg speaking, two-tier birthday cake, friends, cake cutting.
35) 0659 ['Falling In Love' Ad]
Short, incomplete ad for HBO movies 'Falling in Love' with Meryl Streep and Robert de Niro and 'Same Time Next Year' with Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn
33) 0791.PC2 Distinguished Visitors: An Interview with R. Buckminster Fuller
World-renowned engineer, architect, designer, inventor. Topics discussed include history of Maine commerce, transportation on a global scale, air travel.
28) 0800 Living the Good Life
Helen and Scott Nearing left city life 45 years ago to homestead. This footage is a visit to their farm in Maine. FOR REFERENCE ONLY. NHF cataloguer's notes: Helen and Scott Nea...
35) 0826.0009 March of Time: Show Business at War
No description available
36) 0826.0015 March of Time: Summer Theatres
Dated October 18, 1935. Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn in 'Rain.'
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