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12) 0119.0001 Erwin
statehouse and factory
36) 0146.0001 King of All Fur Bearers (Gordon Silver Black Fox)
Recent version, new titles of King of all Fur Bearers. Title:'King of All Fur Bearers' 'Produced and photographed by Daniel M. Maher' 'Courtesy of Gordon's Silver Black Fox Ranc...
4) 0151.0001 King of All Fur Bearers (Gordon Silver Black Fox)
Opening of film shows old Lincoln House hotel on right, then Odd Fellows Hall in center and Methodist Church on left. First shots of foxes taken at Gordon's Silver Black Fox Ran...
37) 0308 cat. 1002-02-WABI-59 Dead River Presents
3 ads for Dead River Co. in which man describes company's contributions to Maine, and encourages viewers to watch 'Dead River Presents' Sunday night television program.
5) 0309 cat. 0007-03-WABI-60 Woodman Lumber Fire
A very large fire at a lumber mill. Shots of fire fighters at the fire and extensive damage. Brewer fire fighters. Ref. 300.
26) 0309 cat.0007-07-WABI-59 Downtown Bangor
Bangor : Scenes of Main Street during Christmas shopping season at night. Shows WABI neon sign, a toy train in a department store window, the Sears Roebuck building, Citizens Ut...
12) 0309 cat.0007-08-WABI-58 Freeses Department Store, Bangor
Bangor : Long static night shots of Freeses Department Store lit up for Christmas. Also, some shots of the crowds on the streets and a look through the front windows of the stor...
26) 0309 cat. 0007-09-WABI-60 Eastern Trust and Banking Co.
Commercial about the Eastern Trust and Banking Co., and list of branch offices. Probably used with the University of Maine 114th Commencement, which they sponsored live telecast...
46) 0309 cat. 0007-10-WABI-60 Merchants National Bank
Commercial for Merchants National Bank, advantages and locations of various branches. Probably broadcast with University of Maine 114th Commencement. 'Remember, you are always w...
47) 0309 cat. 0007-11-WABI-60 Merrill Trust Co.
Merrill Trust Co., advantages of the banking system. 'The commencement broadcast is a public service provided by Merrill Trust Co.' Probably broadcast with University of Maine 1...
12) 0309 cat.0007-13 Bowl MOR Lanes
Exterior Bowl MOR Lanes, three men shaking hands, man bowls a strike. Ref. 300.
18) 0310 cat.1002-13-WABI-59 Chevron Banquet
Lucerne : Banquet at Lucerne Inn including men standing in front of sign that says, 'What's Come Over Our Calso Sign?' and crowd.
21) 0312 cat. 1003-06-WABI-59 Hi-Value Groundbreaking
Groundbreaking of used car dealership including hand shaking, and shovelfuls of earth. Appears to be sponsored by International Harvester.
14) 0314 cat.1004-09-WABI-59 Jackson Boat Co. Fire
Veazie : Jackson Boat Co. fire including smoke pouring from building, fire fighters on ladders in the snowfall, fire truck.
15) 0316 cat.0010-06-WABI-59 Rexall Brewer Auditorium
Brewer: Rexall displays Christmas wares at Brewer Auditorium. Shots include people browsing; displays of cards, toys and decorations; 'Toyland' and 'Merry Christmas' signs.
36) 0316 cat.0010-07-WABI-60 Rice and Miller Dealer Show
Bangor: Eighth Annual Rice and Miller Dealer Show. Shots include pan of displays with show title superimposed. MS of people and displays.
1) 0316 cat.0010-11-WABI-60 Libby Motor Renault
Commercial for Libby Motors for the new Renault. No visible image. Announcer states advantages of buying a Renault.
25) 0317 cat.0012-07-WABI-58 Bowl MOR Lanes
Ad for Bowl MOR Lanes
35) 0318 cat.0013-04-WABI-60 Shell Sign
Revolving Shell service station sign. Two takes.
5) 0318 cat.0013-10-WABI Nelson and Small Opening
Nelson and Small Plumbing and Heating has Open House. Shots include oil furnace, building exterior.
27) 0319 cat. 0013-12-WABI-59 [Joan Crawford at Dow Air Force Base]
Joan Crawford at opening ceremonies for Rudman Beverage Co., a new Pepsi-Cola factory in Maine. Her arrival at Dow Air Force Base on a Pepsi plane, her welcome by the crowd. She...
25) 0322 cat.0016-07-WABI-60 Boat Show at Auditorium
Bangor: Boat show at Bangor Auditorium. Boat displays.
22) 0322 cat.0016-08-WABI-60 Shop 'n Save Store
New Shop 'n Save Store about to open. Sign, parking lot, interior, exterior, new employees, store inspection.
9) 0323 cat. 0017-15-WABI-60 Groundbreaking at Emple Knitting Mill
Brewer : Young boy performs groundbreaking at mill while older men look on.
23) 0324 cat. 0017-05-WABI-60 Chevron Meeting
Chevron dealer receives plaque in recognition of merit. Three men are presenters.
29) 0324 cat. 0017-12-WABI-60 Dead River Contract Signing
Shots of four men signing contract.
1) 0325 cat. 0018-07-WABI-60 MCRR 1st Freight Service
Christening ceremony for Maine Central Railroad's new Freight Express. Shots include christening by woman and engineer looking from his station as train pulls out.
10) 0326 cat. 0016-03-WABI-60 International Harvester
Ribbon cutting for new International Harvester's International Trucks Service building. Ceremony, building exterior and interior.
7) 0328 cat. 0018-17-WABI-61 Beacon Finance
2 spots for Beacon Finance Co. First features John J. Flaherty Jr. Second features William G. Hayes.
28) 0328 cat. 0018-20-WABI-61 Beacon Finance Co.
2 spots for Beacon Finance Co. First features John J. Flaherty, Jr. Second features William G. Hayes.
31) 0328 cat. 0018-22-WABI-61 Jim Adams Volkswagen
Shots of the building, sign, cars, a mechanic.
31) 0328 cat. 0018-23-WABI-61 Dead River
Dead River Co. ad in which a man makes a speech. 4 takes.
34) 0329 cat. 1008-17-WABI-60 Better Homes
Bangor : Shots of Better Homes building including front door, fence, company truck, men looking at mouldings and a closet, a stone wall, shower doors.
34) 0332 cat. 0020-03-WABI-59 John Paul
Commercials: 1) A tall man models a suit and then walks to a sign that says, 'John Paul, Chargray Flannels, $37.50.' three takes 2) Same model in suit walks to a sign 'America's...
35) 0332 cat. 0020-07-WABI-60 Libby Motors (Renault)
Libby Motors Renault spot. Shots of Renault driving and of two men opening the trunk.
26) 0334 cat. 0024-05-WABI-61 Community Oil
Commercial featuring Chevron Oil Company. Shots of a receptionist answering the phone, a Chevron truck delivering oil to a house, and other oil and gas companies in Bangor area ...
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